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The Open Kitchen Design is Perfect for Minimalist Homes

Open Kitchen Design - Before building a house, you will undoubtedly consider a variety of options. A popular type of home is currently in high demand. This house's size is appropriate for a small family. The house has a simple interior design. Typically, this residence includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living area, and a kitchen. For this style of home, an open kitchen design might be appropriate. This style is frequently used in modern homes that have an open kitchen. Typically, the kitchen and dining area are merged to save space. 

The Open Kitchen Design is Perfect for Minimalist Homes
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So, here's an open kitchen design reference you can use. Check out the design below!

1. An Open Kitchen Design with Marble Countertops

Kitchen design with black, white, and gray tones, including a black dining table
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The first open kitchen design features beautiful marble materials. This material was chosen to make it easier for you to remove dirt from the dining table. With the kitchen and dining room combined, you can add equipment such as a stove, oven, sink, and chairs here. Then, don't forget to add accessories, such as a chandelier, to help the family feel more at ease while dining in this space. 

2. A Monochromatic Open Kitchen Design

Many minimalist homes' interior designs feature neutral colors. You can use monotone hues like black, white, and gray in your kitchen, as shown above. You can paint the dining table black to keep it from getting soiled quickly.

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Next, you apply the white color to the kitchen cabinet for storage. Meanwhile, gray serves as the background for the walls. This open-themed kitchen allows you to place a variety of kitchen and dining room equipment, such as stoves, sinks, chairs, and storage shelves, all at once. 

3. An Open Kitchen Layout Adjacent to the Entryway

modern kitchen with white cabinets, a patterned tile backsplash, and turquoise blue lower cabinets
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An open kitchen near the rear door will make the space appear larger and brighter. You can build this kitchen using only an I-shape, then add a dining table opposite. Inside the kitchen, you can place various pieces of furniture, such as a stove, sink, and cupboard containing dinnerware. Then, don't forget to place chairs at the dining table opposite the cooking area. With this approach, the kitchen can become a favorite space for the family.

4. A Blue, Open Kitchen Design

If you had placed the kitchen near the door, you can now move it to a bright blue house. This color will grab everybody's interest. With an open kitchen idea, you may create an L-shaped table.

modern kitchen with white cabinets, a wooden dining table and red chairs, a stove, and a pendant light fixture
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Next, position the refrigerator and cabinet next to it. After that, add a minimalist dining table and wooden chairs. The furniture in this kitchen varies, beginning with the stove, sink, and various tableware in the cupboard.

5. Brown Open Kitchen Design

modern, open-concept kitchen with white cabinets, a large island with bar stools, and pendant lighting
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If you want an open kitchen design with a traditional feel, use brown. This color will make the kitchen feel like a cozy grandmother's kitchen. An open kitchen layout allows you to merge the kitchen, dining table, and side storage cupboards. Make sure to include flower decorations, photo frames, and chandeliers to make it more visually appealing.

6. The Classic Open Kitchen Design

modern kitchen with white cabinets, a wooden countertop, and a large window letting in natural light
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You may now create a classic white kitchen that is nearly comparable to the previous design. This kitchen will remind you of the cool classic Dutch houses. You can include a stove, oven, and sink among the interior furnishings. Meanwhile, set up the opposite dining table with a glass base that is easy to clean. Finally, don't forget to change the kitchen wall and dining table into storage cabinets.

7. An Open Kitchen with a Modern Vibe

modern kitchen with a wooden island, stainless steel appliances, and a minimalist design
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You can also modernize your open kitchen design by adding hardwood furniture and gray cabinets. You may achieve that modern look by adding chandelier fixtures, bar stools, and a silver refrigerator. Finally, remember to include window lighting so that the kitchen appears cheerful and not stuffy.

8. Design an Open Kitchen with Wooden Furnishings

modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast bar with stools
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The open kitchen concept can be realized with wooden furniture. You can utilize wooden furniture for the kitchen and dining table. Ceramic table mats and silver furniture are ideal for adding a modern touch. The furniture consists of a refrigerator, an oven, and a stove for cooking. It can be used as a relaxing family area next to the kitchen. 

9. Design an Open Kitchen with Large Glass Windows

modern kitchen with a white island, wooden stools, and pendant lights. The kitchen has a minimalist design with clean lines and a bright, open feel
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Cooking in the kitchen is a delightful hobby, but it can grow monotonous if done frequently. To keep you fresh, set your kitchen near a large glass window that allows you to enjoy the view outdoors. In this kitchen, you may simply employ an exquisite white design with appliances like a stove, refrigerator, and sink. 

10. Elegant Open Kitchen Design

modern and stylish kitchen with a marble-topped island, wooden cabinets, and bar stools
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Finally, this exquisite open kitchen design is ideal for those who prefer a clean and minimalist ambiance. To achieve this look, you can use simple white and gray furniture. You can create a beautiful marble base for your kitchen and dining tables. Next, choose a cabinet with similar colors and a gray refrigerator.

To make the area more interesting, consider adding wall decorations, such as quotes in frames. There are ten open kitchen designs. You can use the above open kitchen designs to make the space more succinct and functional.

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