Beautiful Coastal Shingle-style Home Nestled Along Lake Michigan


Deep River Partners designed this stunning coastal shingle-style residence located on Silver Beach Road along Lake Michigan in Belgium, Wisconsin. The design style was selected for its classic underpinnings and unmistakable casual yet elegant atmosphere. On the exterior facade, you will find weathered silver/gray shingles, copper accents, and a wood shingle roof punctuated by white trim and traditional divided lite windows.  

When it came to designing this custom lake home, the architects paid close attention to all the details. Created for family living, treasured memories will be made in this home that reflects a beautiful and intuitive design. Continue below for this incredibly inspiring home tour… 

What We Love: This coastal shingle style home offers an exquisite interior layout with light-flooded living spaces. Beautiful details throughout this dwelling create a warm and inviting living environment for family living and entertaining. The home’s lakeside setting makes for a tranquil exterior environment while adding to the overall incredible design aesthetic.

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The quintessential timeless feel of grasscloth wall covering, French oak wide plank floors, and white woodwork wrap the interiors. Specially detailed built-up moldings and casework define and recall the craftsmanship of an era gone by. Integrated lighting techniques highlight the millwork detail and emphasize the spatial perimeters. 

On the first floor, a Great Stair Hall and Foyer give way to a series of public spaces – Living Room, Kitchen, Dining, and Screen Porch along the central colonnade.

The Master Suite with a private Library bookends the colonnade, providing secluded yet easy access.

Set up like a lodge on the second floor, the four bedrooms are outfitted as a suite, each including its own Bath. Off the bunk room suite, sliding panel doors reveal the upper rumpus room. A rear staircase provides quick access to the kitchen, pool, and outdoor terrace. 

State of the art technology is used throughout including radiant floor heat, energy recovery mechanical system, integrated audio/video, LED lighting, access control, and security/environmental monitoring. An intuitive user interface takes the complex infrastructure to an easy to use level.

Smartphone and tablet control of all systems means streamlined interface for all users including remote access. Concealing technology as to not impact the interior detailing created an uncluttered look. Hidden TV’s, invisible speakers, small appliance lifts, and remote thermostats with local sensors are just a few of the innovations used. 

Photos: Mark F. Heffron

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The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-28-1-Kindesignbeach-house-sketch | beach-house-sketch.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-27-1-Kindesignbeach-house-site-plan | beach-house-site-plan.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-26-1-Kindesignbeach-house-floor-plan | beach-house-floor-plan.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-25-1-Kindesignbeach-house-floor-plan | beach-house-floor-plan.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-24-1-Kindesignbeach-house-pool | beach-house-pool.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-23-1-Kindesignbeach-house-exterior | beach-house-exterior.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-22-1-Kindesignbeach-house-exterior | beach-house-exterior.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-29-1-Kindesignbeach-house-exterior | beach-house-exterior.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-21-1-Kindesignbeach-style-family-room | beach-style-family-room.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-20-1-Kindesignbeach-style-bedroom | beach-style-bedroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-19-1-Kindesignbeach-style-bunk-bedroom | beach-style-bunk-bedroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-17-1-Kindesignbeach-style-bedroom | beach-style-bedroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-18-1-Kindesignbeach-style-bathroom | beach-style-bathroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-16-1-Kindesignbeach-style-study | beach-style-study.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-15-1-Kindesignbeach-style-master-bathroom | beach-style-master-bathroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-13-1-Kindesignbeach-style-kitchen | beach-style-kitchen.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-14-1-Kindesignbeach-style-master-bedroom | beach-style-master-bedroom.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-12-1-Kindesignbeach-style-kitchen | beach-style-kitchen.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-11-1-Kindesignbeach-style-kitchen | beach-style-kitchen.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-09-1-Kindesignbeach-style-kitchen | beach-style-kitchen.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-10-1-Kindesignbeach-style-kitchen | beach-style-kitchen.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-07-1-Kindesignbeach-style-living-room | beach-style-living-room.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-08-1-Kindesignbeach-style-dining-room | beach-style-dining-room.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-06-1-Kindesignbeach-style-living-room | beach-style-living-room.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-05-1-Kindesignbeach-style-hall | beach-style-hall.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-03-1-Kindesignbeach-style-staircase | beach-style-staircase.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-04-1-Kindesignbeach-style-dining-room | beach-style-dining-room.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-02-1-Kindesignbeach-style-entry | beach-style-entry.

The-Beach-House-Deep-River-Partners-01-1-Kindesign-1beach-house-exterior | beach-house-exterior.

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