Modern Tropical Bungalow Design By Guz Architects

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The Fish House, a sustainable waterfront residence by Guz Architects in Singapore, is a stunning example of how architecture can complement its environment. This ultra-modern and spacious home in Singapore, at 5,812 square feet (540 square meters), was created to meet the needs of its residents in the city’s hot and muggy atmosphere. It features large windows that let in plenty of natural light and air, and it offers spectacular views of the sea. The architects at Guz Architects made it a point to make sure the Fish House fit in with its woodland setting. To achieve this result, water was essential.

The architects attempted to construct a pool that blends in with the scenery and offers views of the water. A large u-shaped glass window overlooks the pool from the basement media area, providing plenty of natural light. The distinctively sloping roofs of this house are reminiscent of ocean waves. Renewable energy is provided through thin, flexible photovoltaic panels that cover the roof. The idea of a green roof allows for additional outdoor living space.

The architectural intent was to make a house that seemed one with its natural surroundings by placing the pool in a place where it could look out over the yard and then the ocean. The media room in the basement benefits from diffuse natural light and views of the pool area thanks to a u-shaped glass window. The sloping roofs, which represent waves, further accentuate this impression of proximity to the water. Photovoltaic panels that are thin and flexible cover nearly the entire roof. They produce enough energy for the house, and the leftover is used for a green roof, expanding the outdoor living area of the home.

Fish House is a modest and yet luxurious residential design which gives residents opportunities to live in harmony and comfortably with nature.

Photos: Patrick Bingham Hall

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