51 Beautiful Black Bedrooms With Images, Tips Dan Accessories To Help You Design Yours

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Even though some people could be on the fence about a black bedroom or black nightstand, we might be able to sway their opinion. Black-walled bedrooms should not be dark and dreary. Black walls are a terrific backdrop for showcasing all of the vibrant decorations. A bedroom furnished in all black conveys an air of sophistication and may be accessorized with a range of modern and opulent design elements, from lighting to wall coverings. Try painting or decorating with alternating black and white stripes or squares to create a contemporary monochrome look that works well with wood accents. This post will provide you with ideas for all of them and more.

Gallery for 51 Beautiful Black Bedrooms With Images, Tips Dan Accessories To Help You Design Yours

black-white-grey-bedroomFashion a headboard feature wall out of black storage cabinets. These black slab fronted units appear like a contemporary panelled wall behind the platform bed. | Visualizer: Tài Nguyễn.

black-and-grey-bedroom-ideasWire up the wardrobe. Another way to get lots of light into the back of a dark room is by installing a closet with glass doors. By day, the glass will reflect natural light from the window. By night, the closet can be a lightbox, where LED strip lights glow from the garment rails and shelving. Edge other shelves in the room too, for an all around glow. | Visualizer: Dim Eysner.

black-white-and-grey-bedroomGo green. Live greenery will soften a black decor scheme and breathe life where there is shade. | Visualizer: Alexandru Ionita.

black-walls-bedroomIf flat black feels to stark to you, then consider a textured feature wall. Don’t forget to throw some illumination over it to really pick out that detail. Keep the rest of the scheme white and woodtone so as not to overpower the strength of the dark wall. | Visualizer: Makhno.

black-full-bedroom-setsRich rustic. Black and rich woodtone make an ideal colour narrative for a rustic bedroom scheme. Bring in a chunky black metal pendant light and some natural woven baskets to shape the theme. | Visualizer: MirrorR Studio.

black-and-white-bedroom-furnitureLight it up. If you’re going to have a black bedroom then you have to consider lighting as part of the plan. Install too little illumination and you might find yourself left in the shade. LED strip lights present the perfect solution for edging furniture; attach them along the perimeter of the headboard and around the bed base for a truly inviting and cosy look. Hang a modern chandelier low for extra drama. | Visualizer: Now Design.

black-bedroom-ideasBorrow light – and colour. This bedroom is opened up at the back by having a glass wall ensuite bathroom. This can contribute extra daylight via the bathroom window, or it can just be a way to introduce another colour. In this case the open ensuite adds a glowing woodtone vista to the scene. | Visualizer: Jeffrey Faranial.

black-and-white-bedroomReflect light into dark coloured rooms with mirrors. Situate a stripe of mirror behind one or both bedside units. A floor to ceiling strip of glass will go a long way in bouncing extra natural light around your interior. | Visualizer: Kriss Maksymchuk.

pink-and-black-bedroomBlack makes a perfect backdrop. When walls are knocked back in black, you can go wild with colourful accessories, like this tricolour light installation. Black also makes a good base for standout furniture pieces like this unique painted bed. | Visualizer: Double Aye.

black-and-white-pictures-for-bedroom-1Create an inverted art gallery. Black and white photographic prints and paintings are an ideal accessory for a black room. Art galleries may typically present these on white walls but a black display wall looks twice as striking. | Designer: Davidsign.

black-furniture-bedroomKeep it simple. An all black bedroom suits minimalist bedroom furniture, with clean linear shape. | Visualizer: Igor Sirotov.

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