51 Modern Bedrooms With Tips To Help You Design Dan Accessorize Yours

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Wrap your tired eyes around this massive gallery of refreshing modern bedroom ideas and gorgeous bedroom accessories that are sure to wake you up. From ultra sleek minimalist style bedrooms to warm modern rustic decor schemes, from crisp white Scandinavian style to a cacophony of colourful options, there is something here to suit everyone. Discover truly creative headboard feature wall designs that incorporate extruded panels and integrated LED strips that will set your imagination all aglow. Find bags of designer bedroom lamps and pendant lights, slick modern bedside units, drawers and shelves and beautiful closets in which to store your very own daily catwalk collection to dress for success come morning.

Gallery for 51 Modern Bedrooms With Tips To Help You Design Dan Accessorize Yours

modern-bedroom-chandelierConsider hanging a pendant light over the bedside unit instead of taking up valuable table space with a lamp. The contemporary chandelier in this scheme is a real show stopper. A bedside floor lamp is another trendy alternative. | Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi.

modern-king-size-bedroom-setsChoose wall mounted bedside shelves rather than floor standing units for a clean and crisp look. These two bedside shelves hold copper desk lamps on top and stow the usual bedside clutter out of sight in a shallow hidden drawer. | Visualizer: Archiplastica.

modern-bedroom-ceiling-lightsLayer up bedroom lighting options. This design has an illuminated headboard feature wall, bedside table lamps and a ceiling light installation that looks like a sculptural piece of art. | Visualizer: Anna Tkacheva.

modern-table-lamps-for-bedroomDouble the style factor with a matching duo of swish designer table lamps. | Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov.

modern-contemporary-bedroom-furnitureMake a small bedroom feel bigger by installing a floor-to-ceiling frameless mirror. The reflection of the room in the mirror confuses the eye into seeing a larger space. | Visualizer: Dezest.

modern-bedroom-lightingWarm up a plain white bedroom scheme with modern wall sconces in gleaming copper. A bright accent chair will help the scheme to pop too. | Visualizer: VisEngine.

modern-bedroom-designUnique ceiling fans are a must in warm climates. Consider the beauty of your ceiling fan as an integral part of the decor, as you would with a bedroom pendant light. Statement bedroom wall clocks make a nice alternative to an apologetic looking tiny bedside alternative too. | Visualizer: Mateusz Minkina.

modern-king-bedroom-setsHeadboard storage niches are a great option if space is limited for bedside tables. This bedroom design has both. | Visualizer: Tài Nguyễn.

modern-platform-bedroom-sets-1Give your modern bedroom design a platform. The low slung platform bed has become a highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture, and they come in a whole host of designs and finishes. This one is upholstered in an eye-catching red fabric over the base and an attached low level headboard. A copper and grey panelled feature wall complement its russet tones. | Visualizer: Iqosa.

modern-colours-for-bedroomColour your way to a restful night’s sleep. A vision of blue greets us in bedroom number two. Blue is a serene and soothing colour, and could help promote relaxation and sleep. | Visualizer: Spaces Architects.

Modern Double Bedroom DesignsCreate a stunning headboard feature wall using light and shade. This design uses extruded panels and LED strip lights to make a truly unique installation that you won’t find round your friend’s pad. | Visualizer: Kamran Samedov.

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