A Manhattan Beach House That Is Decadent Indoors And Out


This stunning contemporary beach house has been designed by Subu Design Architecture in collaboration with Waterleaf Interiors, located in Manhattan Beach, California. We first caught wind of the talented interiors studio of Waterleaf Interiors from a previous home tour we presented here, Manhattan Beach house showcases playful, relaxed beach vibe. After giving their portfolio a second glance, we noticed this other amazing project of a three-story residence in the fabulous locale of Manhattan Beach. Together with Subu architects, they created a home that is just as stunning on the outside as it is in the inside. With perfect temperatures throughout the year, an indoor-outdoor lifestyle is something to take advantage of when living in Southern California. This home does just that, with sumptuous outdoor living spaces and an expansive swimming pool that invites you to take a dip! Sliding glass doors in the main living areas extends the indoor-outdoor connection and helps to illuminate the spaces with natural light. Upon entrance into the decadent home, you are greeted by a dramatic spiral staircase with open guardrails that leads you to the second level and the private zones of the residence.

Entrance into the home is through a large pivoting wood door, where a bright and airy, open concept layout invites you inside. Colorful artwork dots the walls, adding personality and visual interest throughout the spaces.

What We Love: The dramatic staircase in the entryway is quite beautiful and the open and airiness of the home is wonderful… but we really love the backyard, the swimming pool and the steps to get to the pool is simply stunning! However, the vertical succulent garden in the bathroom is also pretty amazing, who wouldn’t want one of those in their bathroom? How about you, would that be something on your dream bathroom wish list?

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Living wall art in the master bathroom showcases a vertical succulent garden in various colors that adds a lively pop of color to the space. A skylight in the ceiling not only illuminates the space but provides natural light to the succulents. The aesthetic is very organic and elegant at the same time.

Photos: Manolo Langis

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