Contemporary Home Has Mesmerizing Mediterranean Coastal Views


This contemporary home was designed for a family by Molins Interiors, located in Maresme, a county located along the Catalan Mediterranean coast in Spain. Spread out over two levels, one of the most notable features is walls of glass on both lower and upper levels, illuminating the home with natural light. With the home perched high up on a hill, the windows also take advantage of the spectacular views over the rugged landscape below. Sliding glass doors exposes the interiors to the exterior environment, helping to blur the boundaries between indoors and out. An expansive swimming pool stretches from one side of the house to the other, looking like a sheet of glass.

Sliding glass panels opens off the living room, dining room and kitchen areas out onto a spacious outdoor living area, which has several seating arrangements from sun loungers to a cozy sectional and a dining area for eating al fresco. Entering into the home, you are greeted by soaring ceilings a suspended sculptural chandelier and a dramatic floating staircase comprised of wood treads and a glass guardrail, which helps with transparency. Illuminated with natural light, you are drawn into the home, which opens to the living room and right through to the outdoor swimming pool. Wooden flooring travels throughout most of the living spaces, with textural area rugs helping to delineate spaces.

What We Love: Between the stunning outdoor living spaces, heavenly swimming pool and sumptuous interior living spaces, this is one fantastic family home that we think would be quite enjoyable to live in. We especially love the spectacular views out to the Mediterranean Coast, it would be amazing to cook in the kitchen while indulging in view. What do you think, what is your favorite feature of this home?

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Photos: Jordi Miralles

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