A Charming Budget-savvy Island Getaway On Lake Huron, Canada


This 1950s cottage was beautifully renovated by Canadian interior designer Sarah Richardson, located along Lake Huron, on a remote island off Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. The family cottage was purchased by Sarah and her husband with the intention of renting it out after the six-week renovation was complete. The designer used some clever design tricks to make this three-bedroom cottage very budget-friendly. A few structural surprises were discovered along the way, and the whole interior needed to get gutted to give a fresh, updated look. The interiors are now bright and airy, with spaces that are connected with each other and offer all the amenities that one could need, considering the remote location. Vintage pieces were collected for the home, in keeping with a budget-minded re-design. Practical, off-the-grid solutions were also incorporated into the design. The home showcases unparalleled views of Georgian Bay, a beach that is completely private and a wonderful deck that is perfect for watching sunsets. Sarah presented this entire renovation on HGTV, so in case you missed it, have a look at a live stream on their website. The finished result is a relaxing holiday retreat with plenty of comfort and modern conveniences. The cottage embraces the surrounding environment and is very aesthetically pleasing, with a welcoming experience both inside and out.

Sarah’s Rental Cottage is available for rent during the summer months, with prices ranging from $4,500 per week July and August, $3,000 June and September.

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Photos: Good Housekeeping / HGTV Canada

These are the key colors that Sarah selected for her cottage re-design: 1. Painted Chairs-Babbling Brook by Olympic, 2. Guest Bedroom Flooring-Mint Frost by Valspar, 3. Master Bedroom Flooring-Colorado Gray by Benjamin Moore, 4. Living/Dining Room Flooring-Stokes Forest Green by Benjamin Moore.

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Lake-Huron-Cottage-Sarah-Richardson-01-1-KindesignLake Huron Cottage-Sarah Richardson-01-1 Kindesign | Lake Huron Cottage-Sarah Richardson-01-1 Kindesign.

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