Mesmerizing Nantucket-inspired Coastal Cottage On Lake Rosseau


Tradewinds is a coastal style cottage showcasing Nantucket-inspired design by Muskoka Living Interiors, nestled above the shores of Lake Rosseau, Ontario, Canada. The spacious 7,000 square foot cottage is rustic redefined, drawing architectural inspiration from coastal properties of Nantucket and the Hamptons. The exterior facade provides a very authentic feel to this Muskoka area home, with white cedar bevel siding contrasting sharply with a charcoal hued trim. The homeowners discovered this property in 2011, seeking out a dream getaway for their growing family. They were looking for a site that had unobstructed views, privacy and great sun exposure. An all-season dwelling, the homeowners gave a carte-blanche to the builder and designer who had also worked with them on the renovation of their Toronto home. The home became the coastal-inspired cottage that they had envisioned, complete with white paneling, timber coffering and elegant touches throughout the interiors.

The cozy living room features a symmetrical seating arrangement around a traditional style fireplace. Cozy slipcovered sofas are warm and welcoming, perfect for entertaining conversation with family and friends. The TV is smartly concealed behind doors located above the fireplace. The architectural focal point is the beautiful ceiling clad in white breadboard with wooden beams mounted on a 45-degree angle.

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