Renovation And Expansion Of A Trullo In Italy


This incredible project is an historical preservation and extension of a small Saracen trullo, a typical rural building found in the Ostuni region of Italy, with an adjacent structure, a lamia, which remained only part of the perimeter walls. The renovation was undertaken by Luca Zanaroli Architetto with the intention to not only recover the existing buildings, but also take advantage of the possibility of creating an extension so as to triple the existing surface (originally less than 40 square meters) to establish at least four bedrooms.

Slightly recessed and lowered, the new volumes hinge the nearby structures while voids and large windows open the interior to daylight and the outdoors. Continuity between the materials and colors of surfaces smooth the transitions between the old and new. Inside, mortar coats floors and walls to unify the interior and reflect the southern daylight that enters. Minimal furniture and locally crafted objects compliment the qualities of the rustic atmosphere.

Photos: Max Zambelli

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Trullo-in-Italy-25-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-25-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-25-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-24-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-24-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-24-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-23-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-23-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-23-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-22-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-22-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-22-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-21-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-21-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-21-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-19-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-19-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-19-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-20-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-20-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-20-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-18-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-18-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-18-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-17-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-17-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-17-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-15-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-15-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-15-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-16-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-16-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-16-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-14-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-14-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-14-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-13-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-13-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-13-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-11-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-11-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-11-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-12-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-12-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-12-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-10-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-10-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-10-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-09-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-09-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-09-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-08-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-08-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-08-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-07-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-07-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-07-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-06-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-06-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-06-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-05-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-05-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-05-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-03-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-03-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-03-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-04-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-04-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-04-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-02-1-KindesignTrullo in Italy-02-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-02-1 Kindesign.

Trullo-in-Italy-01-1-Kindesign-1Trullo in Italy-01-1 Kindesign | Trullo in Italy-01-1 Kindesign.

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