Romantic Moorland Cottage Hideaway In Cornwall: Pixie Nook


This moorland cottage hideaway was designed for couples to reconnect in a romantic setting, set on the hamlet of Warleggan, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, United Kingdom. The beautiful hamlet that ‘Pixie Nook’ is nestled on is said to be “twinned with Narnia.” This cozy retreat has plenty to offer, from relaxing outdoor spaces to a garden hot tub and comfortable interiors that includes a crackling wood burning fireplace.

This luxurious cottage features an exquisite blend of English cottage charm with Bohemian intrigue. The interior living spaces are warm and inviting with their original beamed ceilings. From the cozy kitchen area, a staircase leads you to a sumptuous master bedroom retreat. This space boasts a decadent velvet headboard and crisp French linens that will offer you a heavenly nights sleep. After spending your day enjoying the great outdoors, pamper yourself in the bathroom, with its large clawfoot tub. A glass of champagne might be the perfect treat, to toast your wonderful and relaxing vacation.

The Scoop: This tranquil Cornish hideaway, which is akin to Kate Winslet’s cottage in ‘The Holiday’,  sleeps up to two guests. **Prices range from: 3-night weekend stay: $989 – $1,122 / week stay: $989 – $2,323. Pricing is contingent on the dates and availability, please check Unique Home Stays online booking, here.

What We Love: Surrounded by beautiful wilderness and big starry night skies, this moorland cottage is an ideal retreat for couples to rekindle their romance. This charming cottage is a dream hideaway for those seeking outdoor adventure. With comfortable interior spaces that are perfect for lounging in the evening, the beautiful scenery will entice you to spend the day outside enjoying all this region has to offer!

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Highlights: Around this charming cottage you will find private gardens filled with visually stunning blooms and wild strawberries. Take a walk around the moorlands and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. Relax by the pond or swing in the hammock with a good book, such as a Rosamunde Pilcher novel — in the very place that inspired her!

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Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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Pixie-Nook-Luxury-Self-Catering-Cottage-01-1-Kindesign-1Pixie Nook-Luxury Self-Catering Cottage-01-1-Kindesign | Pixie Nook-Luxury Self-Catering Cottage-01-1-Kindesign.

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