Romantic Seaside Cottage For Honeymooners In New Zealand


This romantic seaside cottage was designed by Pattersons Associates Architects, located on the Banks Peninsula, on the South Island of New Zealand. Nestled in a rock escarpment, the the three room shelter was created as a honeymoon retreat for paying guests. The interiors are comprised of a lobby, living and sleeping quarters an a bathroom. The retreat was constructed using locally sourced materials, comprised mainly of rock that was quarried close to the site, in conjunction with flooring of poured concrete and a green roof. The structure is immersed into the bluffs to shelter its tenants from falling debris. The cottage was designed to be self-sustainable, offering rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment. According to the architects, “the project involved an extensive reforestation and re-vegetation sub project.” With floor to ceiling windows that capture the privileged views of the nearby Bay and distant vistas of the Rocky Spires. The windows consist of double glazed, low e-glass, which is pretty indestructible to storms and earthquakes. The interior ceiling structure is lined with horizontal macrocarpa wood.

A relaxing private retreat, this would be an amazing retreat for anyone looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway. What do you think, would this be your ideal retreat? Want more great getaway spots in New Zealand? Have a look at some past features here on 1 Kindesign: Rahimoana Villa retreat in the Bay of Islands and Luxury retreat overlooking Lake Wakatipu.

Photos: Courtesy of Pattersons Associates Architects

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