25+ Beautiful And Elegant Centerpiece Ideas For A Thanksgiving Table


No matter how you plan to celebrate this holiday season, these simple and beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas will bring your family and friends together in style. We have put together an inspiring collection of ideas for you to decorate your own table with some festive cheer. These ideas range from decorating with pumpkins, flowers, pinecones, fresh greenery, nuts and even antlers. Of course no tablescape would be complete without the candles for ambiance! So get inspired by these ultra-chic Thanksgiving table decorating ideas… and don’t forget to let us know which one more inspired you and why in the Comments!

1. Chic Thanksgiving Table. This elegant table is simple to put together and is an inexpensive look to re-create on you own table. All you need is some faux white pumpkins and spray paint a few in gold (the ones with the lines had rubber bands on them when they were painted). Add some greenery such as Eucalyptus, faux antlers and a string of LED battery-operated twinkle lights .(via Living With Landyn)

2. Mini Pumpkins & Candlesticks. Elevate your table with a mix of cream and white candlesticks and mini-pumpkins set on candle holders. The pumpkins will add a touch of fun to this sophisticated look. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Branch Centerpiece. Add a woodsy feeling mixed with a touch of glam to your table by intermingling branches with metallic elements. (via Kristin Banta Events)

4. Green and Copper Tablescape. Metallic accents light up this neutral Thanksgiving table, intermingled with heirloom pumpkins and eucalyptus branches. At each place setting, a kraft paper list allows guests to write down what they are most thankful for. (via Bless’er House)

5. Floral Tablescape. Three floral arrangements from Trader Joe’s are placed along a table runner, intermingled with mini white pumpkins and copper striped pumpkins. (via Homey Oh My)

6. Personal Glam Centerpieces. Instead of creating one grand centerpiece, trying personalizing one for each place setting. This lovely table features a clear glass dish filled with moss and topped with a mini gold pumpkin. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Soft and Natural Tablescape. Keep things soft and simple with an oval bronze tray filled with pumpkins, pinecones and seeded eucalyptus. (via Stone Gable Blog)

8. Farmhouse Tablescape. A bay leaf garland is the centerpiece of this table, accented with heirloom pumpkins and antique brass candlesticks. For added ambiance, brass shot glasses are used as votive holders. (via Rooms For Rent)

9. Harvest Table Setting. A mix of elegant and rustic elements, the centerpiece features pumpkins, squash and gourds, pear berry branches and taper candles set in mini pumpkins. (via Jenny Steffens)

10. Fruitful Centerpiece. To create a centerpiece with some drama, try layering fruits, flowers and foliage into one arrangement. (via Gather Events)

11. Earthy Tablescape. A color scheme of matte black, grey and copper. Dried branches and leaves, feathers and pears accented with white flowers. Votives adds a touch of ambiance, while agate place cards adds a unique touch (you can find these on Etsy!) (via A Fabulous Fete)

12. Thanksgiving Table Setting. For this centerpiece, add a cheerful sunflower arrangement, a few small gourds and some candles for ambiance. This is the perfect setting for a more causal dinner party. (via Nyla Free Designs Inc.)

13. Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece. A brass pedestal bowl is filled with an earthy arrangement. Add antlers, pinecones and beautiful apple pears. Layer in some snips of berries and the wispy end of a floral stem. (via Julie Blanner)

14. Pumpkin Centerpiece. This festive tablescape features pumpkins of varying sizes and colors. This includes matte blue and black, white, taupe, gold and a touch of glimmering orange. To create balance to this centerpiece, place settings are in earthy tones. Plates are topped with seasonal herbs tied in twine. (via Casa de Perrin)

15. Sparkling Table Decor. This table features DIY copper-wrapped candles, designed using battery-operated LED candles wrapped with copper foil tape. This is paired with mini pumpkins and greenery spray painted with a light coat of copper. A gold striped oilcloth table runner completes the look. (via Design Improvised)

16. Rustic-Glam Centerpiece. If you don’t have the luxury of dining outdoors for Thanksgiving, why not invite nature inside? This table features an array of fresh florals and wooden elements, allowing you to evoke the feeling of the forest. (via Style Me Pretty Living)

17. Outdoor Dining Centerpiece. If you live in a temperate climate, this inspirational table will wow your guests. A large lantern centerpiece adds a touch of country, filled with florals. Surrounded by taper candles, creating a beautiful ambiance. Some white pumpkins on candlesticks adds to autumnal feel. (via JoPhoto)

18. Fresh and Bountiful Centerpiece. This centerpiece includes fresh florals, intermingled with fruits such as pomegranates and apples. Add some candles for evening ambiance. (via Sugar and Charm)

19. Mercury Glass Thanksgiving Tablescape. Highlights to this table includes a silver platter in the middle, mercury glass hurricanes, a mercury glass pumpkin, mercury glass candle sticks and votives and eucalyptus branches. In the center of the table is a large cinderella pumpkin. (via Rooms For Rent Blog)

20. Modern Thanksgiving Table. This table setting features just three simple elements. Satsumas (3+ cartons) with the leaves still intact will add an unexpected touch. A handful of star anise will add a delicately beautiful look to your table and smells amazing! The third element is a DIY 30-second Shibori table runner (a Japanese resist-dying technique), get the tutorial here. (via Annabode)

21. Pumpkin Centerpiece. This tablescape features a mix of real pumpkins and faux ones with fresh greenery. (via House Becomes Home Interiors)

22. Neutral Thanksgiving Table. A flour sack tablecloth is used as a runner, in keeping with the neutral theme. In the center is a black pedestal container filled with fresh white garden roses and silver brunia. The outside edges are filled with seeded eucalyptus. Real and faux white pumpkins are added around the centerpiece, layered with faux greenery. Hurricane candles and votives add ambiance. (via Sanctuary Home Decor)

23. Fresh Greenery. Add green garland as the centerpiece, mixed with votives and pillar candles for ambiance. Gold flatware adds a touch of glam, while an overhead chandelier also gets a garland of fresh greenery for a touch of whimsy. (via Once Wed)

24. Simple Yet Fresh Table Decor. This simple table features rosemary plants in jars as the centerpiece, intermingled with votive candles. For the place setting, feathers and lavender are wrapped with twine. (via Finding Home Online)

25. Blue and White Thanksgiving Table. A beautiful coastal-inspired theme features simple touches of greenery and a layering of textures and patterns. This includes a woven denim blue table runner and seagrass placemats. (via Sand & Sisal)

26. Coastal Thanksgiving Table. Another inspiring idea to create a beach-themed table. The centerpiece includes large white pumpkins, antlers, greenery, watery blue and white taper candles and a mixture of nuts and pinecones. Place settings include baby boo white pumpkins with name tags tied with green raffia. A small starfish is affixed to each tag. (via Sand & Sisal)

27. Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape. The overall aesthetic of this dining table is elevated yet still cozy and comfortable. To help create this look, chairs were covered in plush textiles, while the table is adorned with a table runner, striped cloth napkins, simple place cards and candles. At the center of the table is an earthy bowl filled with pumpkins and gourds, while a Christmas garland is used for a touch of greenery.(via Kristi Murphy)

28. Simplicity and Clean Lines. This table is adorned with fancy dishes, glasses, and antique silverware. A neutral table runner features a centerpiece made of a berry garland folded in half and tucked around a few pumpkins. Candles and pine cones are scattered down the table. (via Anderson + Grant)

29. Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decor. This table is full of simple and natural elements, including Fresh eucalyptus, white heirloom pumpkins, mini pumpkins and white candles. The place settings feature water hyacinth placemats topped with blue and white striped linen tea towels. The centerpiece sits on a simple grain sack table runner. (via Farmhouse on Boone)

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