27 Unbelievably Clever Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween


Halloween is rapidly approaching and it is time to get creative and fun with your pumpkin carving ideas, the only limit is your imagination. Pumpkins can be placed anywhere, in front of your door, on your porch, on your lawn, the possibilities are limitless. Be sure they are visible to greet your trick-or-treaters! Pumpkin carving is a great way to get the whole family involved in the creativity process.

We have put together a wide selection of ideas that will surely inspire you to create your own design. If you do copy any of these looks, be sure to take a picture and tag us on Instagram with #onekindesign, we would love to see your pumpkin designs! Take a look below at the array of pumpkins, from scary to fun, there is a little something for everyone. If you need a little creativity to help you on your way, here is a link to some free templates. Be sure to let us know which one most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

1. DIY Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin. To recreate this charming pumpkin, you will need 1 large pumpkin, 4 mini gourds, glue, glitter glue, blue craft paint, paint brush, jewels, snowflake stickers, wood dowels for the gourd wheels and an LED candle to illuminate the pumpkin. Most of these materials can be found at your local craft store (Michaels, JoAnn) Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via This Lil Piglet)

2. Stacked-Pumpkin Statue. Cut out circles for the eyes and insert smaller pumpkins in (with bottoms facing out). Use black thumbtacks for the eyes. Carve out the mouths. Stack the pumpkins and secure with skewers. Use T-pins to affix skeleton arms onto each of the pumpkins. (via Woman’s Day)

3. Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin. Begin with a faux pumpkin and a template of Tinker Bell (link below). Affix the template on the pumpkin and use a pushpin to trace out the image. For carving, you will need: Hot knife, cordless drill 1/16 and 1/8 drills and artificial carving saws. A small light bulb will provide the most illumination. The faux pumpkin can be used yearly, but you can also create this same look with a real pumpkin. More detailed instructions at the provided link. (via Instructables)

4. Angler Pumpkin. This pumpkin carving design was based on an Angler Fish. (via Deviant Art)

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5. Face Off. Carve out the front of the pumpkin and add a face. Gut the pumpkin and carve out some teeth. Add some creepy eye balls into the interior of the pumpkin (local Halloween or party store), add a skeleton hand. (via Pinterest)

6. Pesky Puny Pumpkins Attack! Carved by Betty Shaw, small white pumpkins are attached to a large orange pumpkin with a scared look carved on it’s face. (via Pinterest)

7. Pumpkin Skull With A Squash Brain. You will need a pumpkin within a pumpkin to recreate this look — one orange and one white. (via ManMade)

8. Skelton Hands. Create a graveyard site in your front yard with illuminated skeleton hands carved into stacked pumpkins. Get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Country Living)

9. “Sick” Pumpkin Display. Two pumpkins and a pumpkin carving set is all you need to re-create this fun scene. (via  Pinterest)

10. BOO! Pumpkin. You will need four individual pumpkins to make this charming pumpkin display, perfect for your front porch! Use an apple corer to punch holes in the pumpkin, illuminate with LED tealights. (via Kensington)

11. Hungry Pumpkin. Wood carving tools were used to create a pumpkin that eats naughty trick or treaters! (via This Old House)

12. Stitched Jack ‘O Lantern Idea. All you need for this pumpkin carving project is a knife or pumpkin carving kit for the face. Use twine to stitch over the eyes and mouth. You can find twine at the Dollar Store or Target. Don’t forget the LED candles to illuminate your pumpkin! (via Pinterest)

13. Zipper Pumpkin. A medium round pumpkin will need to be hollowed out from the bottom and gutted. Carve out 2 oval eyes, using the shapes to make smaller circles without the skin. Use black buttons for pupils (held with a pin) and attach eyes with toothpicks. 1/4-inch wide black ribbon is used for the eyebrows, threaded through the pumpkin (make small holes and knot on the inside). Carve a mouth and affix a half-zipped, zipper with pushpins. Full instructions by clicking the link. (via Woman’s Day)

14. Drilled Pumpkin Light. Using a faux pumpkin (you can also use a real one), use an electric drill to add holes. Put a hole in the bottom using a craft knife and insert a low wattage candelabra bulb or an LED tealight. (via Dream A Little Bigger)

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15. Pumpkin Monster. For this pumpkin carving idea you will need one large pumpkin, a smallish pumpkin and several baby pumpkins for the eyes. Use a peeler to peel off the skin to create the eyes. Use cloves for the pupils. Add several holes large enough to fit the eyes in the front of the pumpkin. Carve out the smallish pumpkin to add to the larger pumpkins mouth. (via Pinterest)

16. Clown Pumpkin. A dollar yard sale find was transformed into a themed pumpkin (try the dollar store). All you need is some paint and fake hair and an LED tealight to transform a faux pumpkin with a pre-carved face. With a little creativity, you could copy this same look with a real pumpkin! (via Pinterest)

17. Pumpkin Eyes. You will need 2 white pumpkins (remove stems) and 2 larger orange pumpkins. Cut hole in the orange pumpkins to fit the white pumpkins and gut. Draw the iris and pupils on the white pumpkins and use diluted green acrylic paint for the iris and black for the pupil. Use red permanent marker for the blood vessels. Full tutorial at the provided link. (via Woman’s Day)

18. Expressive Pumpkin. In this simple pumpkin carving idea, a crescent moon and star makes expressive eye shapes. A classic triangle nose and toothy grin completes the look. Either freehand the shapes to cut out or use online templates to trace. TIP: Cut the lid at a 45 degree angle to gut the pumpkin, use an LED tealight on a timer to illuminate. (via Southern Living)

19. The Witch Pumpkin. For this pumpkin carving, you will need a witches hat, a gray wig and an orange pumpkin. Use the stem for the nose, cut out eyes, mouth and teeth. Use a template or free sketch the shapes. (via Extreme Pumpkins)

20. Cannibal Pumpkin. You will need two pumpkins for this project, one large and one small. Cut open a lid at a 45 degree angle and gut the pumpkin. Trace out the eyes and mouth before cutting. Be sure to make one end of the mouth larger to fit the smaller pumpkin, who should have a scared face! (via flair.be)

21. Lollipop Pumpkin. This pumpkin is a unique idea for serving your trick or treaters candy! You will need to hollow out your pumpkin from the bottom. Draw out the shapes before cutting. Push lollipops into the top of the pumpkin for hair. For further instructions, head to the provided link. (via Woman’s Day)

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22. Black Pumpkin. Gut a pumpkin, then spray paint it black. Cut out shapes using cookie cutters in bat and star shapes. (via @culinarydesigngroup)

23. Monster Pumpkins. For this pumpkin carving project, you will need 3 pumpkins. Use smaller gourds for arms, noses, and antennae. Craft foam is used for the eyes, affixed with hot glue. Full tutorial at the provided link. (Better Homes & Gardens)

24. Corny Jack O’ Lantern. For this project you will need a large white pumpkin, candy corn, 2 black jelly beans (pupils), and corn husks. Hot glue and straight pins will be needed to secure the corn husk hair in place. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Woman’s Day)

25. Whiskers Pumpkin. A pumpkin for cat lovers! Select a design with chunky features to simplify carving. (via Stardust & Sequins)

26. Bejeweled Spider Pumpkin. Spray paint an orange pumpkin black, with a silver stem. Sketch out a shape for a spider, or find an online template for your space. Use clear adhesive back craft jewels (Michaels) to affix on to your spider shape. (via Pinterest)

27. Scary Pumpkin. Carve out a scary pumpkin face with sharp teeth, painted to look like blood. Use old clothes or source from Goodwill to create the person. Stuff with materials such as straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips and rags. (via Extreme Pumpkins)

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