28 Spooky Halloween Silhouette Ideas For Decorating Your Windows


Welcome trick-or-treaters with a spooky Halloween silhouette in your windows, the perfect space to use scary decals to create your own haunted house. Using a light from inside to illuminate the window will cast an eerie glow, adding to the overall spookiness. These silhouettes are a budget-minded way to get into the Halloween spirit while allowing your creative juices to flow. These can be a fun DIY for the whole family to participate in.

There are plenty of different ways that you can use Halloween decorations to create a chilling scene. You can simply cut out shapes from black cardboard, affix them to your window and turn on some lights — lamps or string lights. These silhouettes could be witches, bats, ghosts, zombies and various other creepy characters that will peer out at your visitors. Check out these Halloween silhouette ideas below to help you get inspired for this festive and spooktacular holiday.

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1. Add a spooky halloween silhouette to your window with this “Nightmare Before Christmas” window decal. It is ideal for use on your window, door or even on a pumpkin. (via HarborDesignCo)

2. Give a ghoulish greeting to guests with this life-size skeleton silhouette placed in your window. (via Wayfair)

3. This is a simple DIY that can add a scary vibe to any window in your home. Add a skeleton face decal to your window, then drape Black Halloween Creepy Cloth behind it for a spooky look. You can also use black cheese cloth to create the curtains. (via Halloween Costumes)

4. This window display features silhouettes of witches, ghosts, bats and cats. Print out silhouette patterns from the following links: spooky cat, sitting cat, house, owl, witch, ghost and bats. Trace onto black paper. Cut them out and tape them to the inside of your windows. Illuminate the display from indoors with strategically placed lamps or even LED candles.

5. Add a large silhouette to your window, especially if you have one in your front door to greet guests. When your doorbell rings, trick-or-treaters will be greeted by this eerie display. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

6. Transform your home into a House-o’-Lantern. Put a big smile on the face of your haunted house. All you need for this DIY is corrugated cardboard to create the face, be sure to measure your window to make it fit. Cut out the face with a craft knife and use a glue stick to cover the openings with orange tissue paper. Tape it to the window and place a lamp near the window to illuminate the face. (via Spoonful)

7. Add some window monsters to your home to create a spooktacular scene for your trick-or-treaters. Theses monster decals can be added to reusable vinyl from a craft store such as JoAnn’s so they can be used as your yearly Halloween decor. (via Trading Phrases)

8. Bay windows are an ideal spot in your home to decorate with Halloween decor. This is the perfect spot to adhere a silhouette and be seen from the street. You can also use the space outside of this window to add to the the Halloween theme — such as a cemetery. A large bay window in this living room is decorated with skulls, bones, webs and spiders. Add additional spooky decor to your window sill that you have on hand. (via DIY Inspired)

9. Create the look of a silhouette in your window with the large black widow spider. Add it to your glass door or window in front of your window treatments. Illuminate the window with a lamp to create an eery look. Carry the theme outside the window by adding a spiderweb to a nearby bush or tree. (via Halloween Costumes)

10. This Halloween decorated window features spooky black cat silhouette and a chandelier decal from Target. Add orange string lights to frame the interior of the window to illuminate this spooky scene. (via Crazy Domestic)

11. This spooky window scene can be made on your own out of black construction paper using a simple printable. Here is one that is similar: owl in a spooky tree or this spooky tree. (via Heartland Paper)

12. This simple window ghost is a fun DIY that requires large googly eyes and a black felt or craft paper mouth. You could also opt for glow in the dark googly eyes that adhere to the window, adding a spookier affect. (via Play Dr Mom)

13. What’s better than a witch with a cauldron looming in your window for Halloween? Twinkle lights helps to illuminate this silhouette from behind. The silhouette can be traced onto black craft paper, cut out and affixed to your window with double-sided tape. The pattern can be found at the provided link. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

14. Halloween is more festive when you have a few big, hairy spiders in your decor scheme. This tangled web scenic panel can be added to your glass door or a large window panel. (via Heritage Lace)

15. A witch with a cauldron presents a spooky scene in this Halloween decorated window. (via Pinerest)

16. A haunted house is decorated with large paper silhouettes in the windows (see images above). Each window features a spooky scene, such as an unfortunate guest who never left, a knife-wielding maniac, a witch with a cauldron and a grim reaper. To make this, you will need black paper, white chalk pencil and scissors. Get the printable template at the provided link. (via Make Zine)

17. Add spooky decals onto any window in your home to greet your guests. Illuminate the window with orange string lights for an eerie affect. (via Pinterest)

18. The upper window of this haunted house shows a scary silhouette of a lady overlooking a skeleton walking his skeleton dogs. Large spiders and cob webs adorn the exterior walls to complete this scary decor. (via Pinterest)

19. Trace out a template of scary bats in varying for your window using black craft paper. Affix them to the window with dual-sided tape. Hang purple sheets for a spooky contrast. (via Pinterest)

20. Transform your windows into a scene from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with cut out silhouettes. (via Crafting Creatures)

21. String lights in orange and red illuminates behind this skeleton silhouette for a spooktacular scene. (via We Heart It)

22. (via Jenn’s Random Scraps)

23. This creepy house uses a fog machine when the lights go down. Fishing wires were used at multiple points to hold the skeletons in position on this townhouse. Notice the skeleton silhouette in the second-story window? (via Brooklyn Limestone)

24. A close-up of the front door to the townhouse pictured above. “Save Your Self” with a hand print. Get some fake blood from your local Party City or Target. (via Brooklyn Limestone)

25. Window bat decals are a simple DIY if you are limited on time but still want to create a spooky effect on your window. (via Etsy)

26. These scary monsters looming in the window can be re-created using black poster board from the Dollar Tree. Measure your window for the sizing, trace on patterns, cut them and stick them on your window with tape. Check here for monster templates that you would like to print and trace out. You may need to go to a copy store to get the templates enlarged to your desired size. TIP: If you cannot draw, use a projector to project the image and trace it. (via pegitboard.com)

27. Add some spookiness to your garage door with this Halloween garage door silhouette. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Instructables)

28. This haunted house features spooky bird silhouettes in the window. A green glow emanating from the windows adds to the overall creepy factor! (via Martha Stewart)

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