30+ Fabulous DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween


Carving isn’t the only pumpkin decorating technique, so get in the Halloween spirit with this fantastic collection of creative pumpkin ideas. From funny pumpkin carving to no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, try these DIY pumpkin ideas for an unexpected twist this year!

If you need further information on any of the DIY pumpkin projects we have featured below, just click on the provided links after the description, below each of the images.

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1. DIY Halloween Pumpkin. This cute 30-minute DIY halloween pumpkin features a naughty witch cooking in the cauldron. Materials you will need to re-create this look: halloween socks, polyfiber fill or paper towels (to fill the socks), stickers, faux large pumpkin, googly eyes and white spray paint. Get the full tutorial on provided link. (via Four Generations Under One Roof)

2. DIY Donut Pumpkin. Supplies you will need to create this: a faux pumpkin, Acrylic Paint and small paint brushes. Pick colors for the frosting, such as Strawberry and Chocolate for the top of the pumpkin and Vanilla for the bottom. Use colored paint flecks for the sprinkles. (via The DIY Playbook)

3. Simple Polka Dot Pumpkin. All you need for this pumpkin decor are some black circle stickers, sparkly black ribbon and bakers twine to wrap around the stem of the pumpkin. (via Classy Clutter)

4. Black & White Pumpkin Tutorial. Large faux pumpkins are decorated with lettering and graphics cut out of black vinyl. Get the full tutorial on the provided link. (via a.steed’s.life)

5. Duck Tape Witch Pumpkin. Black, white and green duct tape are used to make the face, hair and witch hat. (via The Crafty Blog Stalker)

6. Web Lace Pumpkin. A dollar store faux orange pumpkin is spray painted Heirloom White. Black spider web lace was wrapped around the pumpkin and taped (or hot glue gun) at the bottom. (via Starshine Chic)

7. DIY Lighted Pumpkin Candy Holder. This is a simple way to set out candy for your trick-or-treaters. This can be used year after year! You can get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via The Turquoise Home)

8. Black Cat Decor Made with Pumpkins. Turn decorative pumpkins into black cat decor with glowing eyes! A fun project for the whole family, get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Morena’s Corner)

9. Black and White Glam Pumpkin. A faux pumpkin is decorated with rhinestones and a witch hat. Supplies: Americana Multi-Surface Paint (in Black Tie), white faux pumpkin, Boo! rhinestones letters, paper mache hat, hot glue, ribbon, and feather with glitter picks. (via A Pumpkin & A Princess)

10. Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders. Add some fun and whimsy to faux pumpkins by turning them into candy holders. Carve out the mouth of the pumpkin and paint some creative faces —a pumpkin, a ghost and a silly Frankenstein. Supplies: faux pumpkins, Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool, paint brushes and paint. Get full tutorial at the link. (via By Stephanie Lynn)

11. Minion Pumpkin. Materials you will need: Pumpkin (real or faux), Canning jar lids, Long screw, Wooden skewer, Hot glue, Yellow outdoor paint or spray paint, Blue outdoor paint or spray paint, White paint, black and brown paint or Sharpie and Black pipe cleaners. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Craftberry Bush)

12. Holiday Pumpkins. A coat of white primer is used on the pumpkins, and then spray painted red, green, or white. Add glitter accents with spray paint. The white pumpkins get snowman faces and red hats. The red and green feature silver painted terra-cotta pots. Silver tinsel is wrapped onto a silver pipe cleaner, formed it into the shape of a hook, and placed inside of the hole of the terra-cotta pots. (via Chica Circle)

13. DIY Cinderella Pumpkin. A glitter pumpkin embellished with gold glitter butterflies. Krylon Glitter Blast (Sapphire Shimmer) was used to get the bright glittery effect, along with rhinestones, and gold glitter butterflies. A butterfly punch and gold glitter cardstock was used to make the butterflies. (via A Pumpkin & A Princess)

14. Chevron No-Carve Pumpkins. For this project you will need real or faux pumpkins, painter’s tape, acrylic craft paint and small paint brushes. Check out the full tutorial on extra tips to help you get started! (via My Baking Addiction)

15. Halloween Pumpkin Topiary Decor. Three different sized faux pumpkins and two outdoor pots were used to make this topiary. Other supplies includes Spanish moss, black vinyl tree, acrylic paint and cardboard (used to make a platform for the pumpkins to sit inside the pot). The pots are antiqued with the paint, bottoms glued together. (via Simpsonized Crafts)

16. DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin. Use spray-on chalkboard paint to cover your gourds, using painters tape to protect the stem. You will need to do three coats and let dry for 24-hours. Use the blank canvas to inspire your creativity — chalk in spooky faces or festive greetings. (via Zakka Life)

17. Painted Pumpkins: A pair of pumpkins are spray-painted in matte black. Craft card stock was used for the features and pinned in place. The cat and bat faces were carved out, but you can also use the card stock to cut out the faces. Get the cardstock patterns at the provided link. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

18. Embroidered Pumpkins. If you are crafty and love to sew, this project is for you! Create a variety of spooky-cool embroidered pumpkins. There are free patterns and tutorials to help you get started by clicking on the link. (via Blog a la Cart)

19. Mummy Pumpkin. Wrap a pumpkin with cheesecloth and hot-glue some googly eyes for a scary pumpkin face. This unique pumpkin lights up at night thanks to cheesecloth brushed with glow-in-the-dark gel paint! (via Better Homes & Gardens)

20. Caterpillar Pumpkins. Green-painted pumpkins with black painted stems are curved to form a playful caterpillar, perfect for your front lawn! Decorate the painted pumpkins with adhesive-felt dots for the body and googly eyes with a pipe cleaner antennae for the head.  (via Midwest Living)

21. Bat Pumpkins. Paint your pumpkins white, then paint on some bats (or you can cut bats out of black construction paper or cardstock and hot-glue them on). These pumpkins will look spooky on your doorstep or inside. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

22. Chalkboard Pumpkins. These no-carve typography pumpkins use chalkboard paint and playful lettering to help you get as creative as you like! (via Fair Goods)

23. Cauldron Pumpkin. Paint a large pumpkin black, cut off the top third, and hollow out the inside. Set the pumpkin on a plant stand and fill with dry ice. Surround with carved pumpkins for an overall spooky effect. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

24. Peek-a-BOO Pumpkin. Cut the top off a fresh pumpkin to make a lid. Hollow out your pumpkin. Trace two hand patterns onto black felt and cut out (get the pattern on the included link). Use craft glue to attach the hands to the pumpkin. Craft glue large googly eyes. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

25. Creepy Crawlies. To craft these spiders, use mini real or faux pumpkins for the body. Attach pipe cleaners for the legs and use lentils or beans for the eyes. A drop of lack paint for a pupil and highlight each eye with white paint. (via HGTV)

26. Black Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins. Paint your jack-o’-lanterns with black acrylic or spray paint, using painters tape for the stems. Carve spooky faces to greet your trick-or-treaters. (via Simplified Bee)

27. No-Carve Pumpkins. These pumpkins use two common office supplies, thumbtacks and a permanent marker. A white-painted pumpkin features a web-like chevron pattern using a black marker. The orange pumpkin has white thumbtacks pushed into the pumpkin, creating a ghostly shape. Black thumbtacks are used for the eyes and mouth. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

28. Stacked Pumpkins. Use metallic leaf and thumbtacks to adorn pumpkins spelling out the word “BOO”. Stack the pumpkins horizontally or vertically, using spooky sayings such as “boo” or “eek.” (via Better Homes & Gardens)

29. Pumpkin Carriage. Re-create Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, using silver spray paint on a large pumpkin and four mini pumpkins. In the large pumpkin, carve out two circles and a square for the windows and door, detailed with a silver paint pen. In place of the pumpkin’s stem, use a glass cabinet knob for the finishing touch. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

30. Pumpkin Topiary Message. If you are short on time, this simple DIY will do the trick to decorate your front door. Select three wide pumpkins for stacking. Use black acrylic or crafts paint for the lettering, get the free pattern here. Stack the pumpkins on an urn filled with creepy vines or cobwebs. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

31. Pumpkin Jar Lights. To make this, you will need glass mason jars, orange tissue paper, and outdoor Mod Podge. Get the tutorial at the provided link. To illuminate, fill each jar with battery-operated votive candles. (via Woman’s Day)

32. Googly-Eyed Pumpkin. This welcoming pumpkin is the perfect greeting to welcome guests up to your front door. Leave some candy in a dish and you are all set! To recreate, you will need a faux pumpkin and spray paint it black. Cut out a hole for the mouth. Affix googly eyes with hot glue. Form teeth with white cardboard. This same look could be copied using a fresh pumpkin! (via @neelvs)

33. Owl Pumpkin. Use the scooped-out pumpkin seeds to decorate your pumpkin and transform it into an owl. Attach them to the pumpkin with glue. (via @sydneyweyer)

34. Pumpkin Jail. This simple pumpkin features toothpicks to form the jail cell bars, while a small skeleton is set inside. (via @bearsy.and.the.boy)

35. Monster Pumpkin. This simple yet scary pumpkin uses googly eyes with sticky backs in various sizes — found at any craft store. After cutting out the mouth shape (trace the design onto the pumpkin first), cut into teeth and affix it with toothpicks. (via @culinarydesigngroup)

36. Skull Pumpkin. A pumpkin split open to find a spooky skeleton pumpkin inside! (via Pinterest)

37. Witchy Pumpkin. This unique pumpkin goes beyond just carving. Add some glitter, glue, and ribbons for a festive touch. This witch leg addition to the pumpkin adds a touch of charm for a switch to the traditional spooky skeleton. Try adding some red glitter for a Wizard of Oz look!

38. Spooky Jack-O-Lantern. This cool pumpkin features lit birthday candles for the eyes and dry ice smoking eerily out of its mouth. (via Thought.co)

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