51 Buddha Statues To Inspire Growth, Hope, And Inner Peace

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Gallery for 51 Buddha Statues To Inspire Growth, Hope, And Inner Peace

fat-buddha-statue-for-outdoor-pool-garden-feng-shui-decor-for-prosperity-happiness-and-wealth-unique-housewarming-gift-ideaLaughing Buddha Garden Statue: This jubilant Laughing Buddha sparks happiness just from a single glance. This piece measures at 18 inches tall and 23 inches wide, crafted from weather-resistant resin in a distressed grey finish. | BUY IT.

smiling-buddha-statue-volcanic-ash-cement-outdoor-garden-feng-shui-ideas-and-inspirationConcrete Smiling Buddha Garden Statue: Crafted from a mixture of volcanic ash and durable cement, this unique laughing Buddha is made strong for endurance outdoors. The interior is hollow for easier handling. | BUY IT.

silver-laughing-buddha-statue-with-beads-pearls-of-wisdom-prayer-beads-special-gift-idea-for-feng-shuiSilver Laughing Buddha Statue: In Feng Shui, a Laughing Buddha holding beads can represent a few different things – the beads may represent prayer beads to emphasize spirituality, or they may represent pearls of wisdom to invite intellectual growth. This design is made from resin with a beautiful silver finish. | BUY IT.

laughing-buddha-statue-with-ingot-shiny-gold-finish-interior-decor-gift-idea-to-bring-wealth-into-the-homeSolid Brass Laughing Buddha Statue: This small statue is crafted from solid brass for good fortune to last a lifetime. This figure is holding a yuanbao shape symbolizing wealth and prosperity. | BUY IT.

buddha-elephant-statue-feng-shui-gift-idea-intricate-detailing-gold-finish-7-inches-tall-spiritual-home-decorLaughing Buddha Elephant Statue: Two very auspicious symbols are joined in one beautiful sculpture with this delightful piece. This laughing Buddha elephant statue measures at 7 inches in height and is finished in a deeply burnished gold color. | BUY IT.

happy-buddha-statue-solid-wood-carved-Suar-handmade-sculpture-by-Wayan-Rendah-signed-by-artist-unique-feng-shui-giftWooden Laughing Buddha Statue: Laughing Buddha statues are based on the Chinese monk Budai, often associated with happiness and good fortune. This sculpture is hand-carved from Suar wood by Wayan Rendah. Each one is signed by the artist. | BUY IT.

high-quality-buddha-statue-LED-light-and-fountain-combination-perfect-meditation-garden-decor-ideasLighted Buddha Statue Fountain: Everything you need to create a tranquil garden environment is packaged right here in this versatile statue design. This piece is more than just a decoration – it also includes an LED light to provide gentle illumination and a running water foundation to calm the soul. | BUY IT.

giant-buddha-statue-for-indoor-or-large-garden-48-inch-tall-super-heavy-high-quality-buddhist-sculpture48-Inch Giant Garden Buddha Statue: Beautiful hand-cast construction lends artisanal charm to this beautiful garden statue. This piece weighs a hefty 72 pounds, ensuring especially secure placement. Use this impressive statue as a statement piece that unifies your garden in perfect harmony. | BUY IT.

standing-buddha-statue-lightweight-small-garden-decoration-ideas-for-spiritual-decorOutdoor Standing Buddha Statue: Weighing just under 7 pounds, this standing Buddha statue is wieldy enough to move around your garden as needed. This piece is made from hollow MgO with a beautifully weathered finish. | BUY IT.

large-garden-buddha-statue-intricate-detail-lightweight-resin-ceramic-coating-big-sculpture-for-outdoor-meditation42-Inch Indoor Outdoor Buddha Statue: This substantial statue is ideal for larger gardens and expansive indoor spaces. This piece is made from lightweight resin with a ceramic-like coating for a high quality look. | BUY IT.

buddha-garden-statue-LED-color-changing-modern-spiritual-outdoor-decor-ideas-unique-designer-buddhist-artDesigner Illuminated Buddha Garden Statue: Looking for something a little different? This unique Buddha garden statue by Artkalia goes bold with a modern look and modern functionality. An RGB LED module provides gentle illumination indoors or outdoors – simply change the color to suit the atmosphere you want to cultivate. | BUY IT.

large-buddha-statue-for-indoor-outdoor-meditation-garden-weathered-finish-cast-resin-ideas-for-increasing-tranquility-and-inner-peace-through-decor29-Inch Large Buddha Statue Indoor/Outdoor: This lightweight cast resin Buddha statue features a warm weathered finish to lend a convincing illusion of age. Use indoors or outdoors, or anywhere that could benefit from added tranquility. | BUY IT.

white-outdoor-buddha-statue-25-inch-tall-concrete-and-fiberglass-weather-resistant-meditating-decor-housewarming-gift-ideaConcrete Outdoor Buddha Statue: Crafted from concrete and fiberglass, this Buddha statue is made to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment. The light grey coloration allows this piece to really pop against its surroundings. This piece measures at just over 25 inches in height. | BUY IT.

buddha-statue-outdoor-meditation-inspiration-garden-decor-for-spiritual-inner-peace-29-inch-height29-Inch Buddha Statue Outdoor-Indoor: A hand-applied patina adds artisanal elegance to this outdoor Buddha statue. The body is made from hollow resin for lightweight appeal with excellent stability. | BUY IT.

V5099Warm Concrete Buddha Head Statue: While many outdoor statues tend to use a more neutral finish color, this one embraces the warmth of a reddish clay tone. This piece is made from durable glass-reinforced concrete for a lightweight heft and excellent weather resistance. | BUY IT.

outdoor-buddha-statue-garden-meditation-ideas-weather-resistant-polyresin-construction-natural-bronze-coloration15-Inch Indoor Outdoor Buddha Statue: This compact Buddha statue is made from polyresin and stone powder, finished in a natural bronze with a weathered look. Use this weather-resistant design indoors or outdoors. | BUY IT.

meditating-buddha-statue-for-garden-or-home-interior-6-pound-fiberstone-weatherproof-outdoor-sculpture17-Inch Meditating Buddha Garden Statue: Weighing just over 6 pounds, this lightweight outdoor Buddha statue is easy to move around as needed, convenient for situations when you need to rearrange your meditation garden. The fiberstone construction allows for year-round outdoor display. | BUY IT.

outdoor-buddha-statue-30-inch-design-for-medium-size-gardens-poolside-garden-meditation-area-unique-housewarming-gift-ideaSmall Outdoor Buddha Statue: Designer David Tutera created this elegant 30-inch Buddha statue with gardens in mind. The surface is finished with a weathered effect and artificial moss for a deeply aged look, as if it has stood in its garden placement for years and years. Decorate your favorite meditation space with this serene design. | BUY IT.

garden-buddha-statue-head-fiberstone-20-inches-hollow-interior-peaceful-outdoor-decoration-ideas-housewarming-gift-for-spirituality20-Inch Garden Buddha Statue Head: Gardens are a favorite place for meditation, so they make a wonderful place to display a Buddha statue. This simple design is crafted from hardy fiberstone – a mixture of crushed stone and fiberglass. This piece measures almost 20 inches tall and features a hollow interior for easier handling. | BUY IT.

heavy-cement-buddha-head-statue-weathered-finish-unique-spiritual-decor-for-meditation-inner-peace-tranquil-home-decoration-ideasCement Buddha Head Statue: Crafted from durable cement with a rugged texture, this serene Buddha statue features a weathered look as if it has stood for years. This piece is suitable for use indoors and in covered outdoor placements. | BUY IT.

tall-standing-buddha-statue-spiritual-statement-piece-living-room-decor-heavy-base-high-quality-alms-bowl-decorationLarge Standing Buddha Statue: This breathtaking standing Buddha statue is a true statement piece. Its design showcases the Buddha holding an alms bowl – a reminder to uphold a sense of generosity and compassion. This piece is made from polystone and perches on a weighted base for added stability. | BUY IT.

large-buddha-statue-for-spiritual-home-interior-inspiring-polystone-sculpture-dark-black-finish-modern-meditation-corner-ideasLarge 31-Inch Buddha Statue: This large Buddha statue makes an engaging impression through its great size, yet the lightweight polystone construction ensures that the weight remains at a substantial yet manageable 22 pounds. | BUY IT.

meditation-buddha-statue-dark-black-finish-12-inch-weathered-clay-sculpture-heavy-high-quality-buddhist-decor-for-interior-meditation-areaDark Clay Meditation Buddha Statue: Crafted from ceramic clay in a dark finish, this Buddha statue features a smart weathered effect to lend the illusion of age. This design measures at 12 inches in height and weighs over 6 pounds for added stability. | BUY IT.

teal-buddha-head-statue-glossy-ceramic-sculpture-13-inch-height-modern-spiritual-decor-for-inner-peace-and-tranquilityTeal Ceramic Buddha Head Statue: A charming option for lighthearted interior themes, this ceramic Buddha statue is finished in glossy aquatic teal. The height measures at just short of 13 inches. | BUY IT.

small-buddha-statue-red-blue-and-gold-unique-modern-buddhist-decor-for-home-office-meditation-area-bedroomSmall Buddha Statue with Metallic Accents: Colorful detailing allows this Buddha statue to stand out despite its conservative size. The finish mixes vibrant color and metallic details, both of which pop against a deep charcoal base. | BUY IT.

peaceful-green-buddha-statue-resting-posture-10-inch-design-glossy-ceramic-thoughtful-gift-ideas-for-inner-peace-spiritualityCeramic Green Buddha Statue: This charming Buddha statue is made from durable ceramic with a calm green finish, capturing a tranquil expression sure to benefit any interior space. This statue measures just over 10 inches tall. | BUY IT.

elegant-blue-buddha-statue-with-silver-details-matte-black-base-gallery-quality-buddhist-artwork-spiritual-gift-housewarming-ideaBlue Buddha Statue Head on Stand: With its bold cube-shaped pedestal, this Buddha statue is displayed like the work of art that it is. The statue itself is constructed from ceramic in a deep blue finish with metallic details. The complete composition measures at 20 inches in height. | BUY IT.

modern-buddha-statue-for-sale-online-bright-orange-ceramic-buddhist-sculpture-glossy-finish-creative-decor-ideas-for-spiritual-contemporary-homeCeramic Orange Buddha Head Statue: A treasured Buddha statue does not have to be traditional or subtle – they can be just as vibrant as you are. This bold Buddha head statue is made from thick ceramic with a glossy orange finish, standing at 11 inches tall to capture attention and re-center your mind throughout the day. | BUY IT.

solid-brass-buddha-statue-genuine-metal-heirloom-quality-buddhist-art-abhayamudra-beautiful-meditation-area-ideas-and-inspiration-for-inner-peace11-Inch Solid Brass Buddha Statue: A solid brass Buddha statue is something you can treasure for life and even pass along as a family heirloom. This design is demonstrating the Abhayamudra, a gesture of fearlessness and reassurance. | BUY IT.

wood-buddha-statue-hand-carved-teak-wood-10-inch-sculpture-for-buddhist-interior-decor-meditation-corner-decorationCarved Teak Wood Resting Buddha Statue: This elegant sculpture is hand carved from teak wood, sure to become more beautiful with handling and age. At just over 10 inches tall, this piece is substantial yet versatile. | BUY IT.

wood-buddha-statue-head-carved-by-wayan-rendah-signed-buddhist-sculpture-beautiful-decoration-for-meditation-corner-spiritual-gift-ideaSolid Hibiscus Wood Buddha Statue: Hand-carved by Bali-based artist Wayan Rendah, this exclusive wooden Buddha statue is just as collectible as it is beautiful. This design is carved from gorgeous hibiscus wood and measures 8 inches in height. Each one is signed by the artist. | BUY IT.

handmade-wooden-buddha-statue-mahogany-sculpture-thoughtful-gift-idea-for-buddhist-decoration-ideas-for-meditation-areaHand-Carved Wooden Buddha Statue: This gorgeous wooden Buddha statue is hand-carved from solid mahogany wood – a true piece of art sure to last a lifetime with proper care. This design measures at a very practical 12 inches tall. | BUY IT.

resting-bronze-buddha-statue-bronze-color-green-patina-elegant-meditation-decor-inexpensive-spiritual-gift-ideaVerdigris Bronze Resin Buddha Statue: A rich verdigris patina gives this resin Buddha statue the look and feel of a weathered bronze sculpture. This compact design measures at just over 9 inches tall for endless placement possibilities throughout the home. | BUY IT.

bronze-buddha-statue-15-inch-spiritual-decor-for-meditation-corner-unique-gift-ideaSmall Polyresin Bronze Buddha Statue: This small polyresin statue mimics the look of burnished bronze for a stately appearance, small metallic details adding a glamorous gleam. This piece measures at 15 inches tall. | BUY IT.

antique-big-buddha-statue-for-interior-or-outdoors-distressed-finish-molded-resin-construction-lightweight-sculpture-for-home-or-gardenDistressed Gold Buddha Statue: A highly distressed finish gives this Buddha statue a well-worn antique aesthetic, adding even more charm to every detail. This piece is made from molded resin, constructed with a hollow interior for easier handling. | BUY IT.

small-sakyamuni-buddha-statue-metallic-gold-finish-elegant-interior-decor-ideas-for-inner-peace-spiritualityGold Sakyamuni Buddha Statue: This beautiful Buddha statue is finished in a polished gold finish to bring even more light and illumination into your home. | BUY IT.

modern-buddha-head-statue-colorful-pearlescent-glaze-teal-and-orange-coloration-14-inches-tall-glossy-finish-unique-spiritual-decor-ideasMetallic Ceramic Buddha Head Statue: True artistry defines this ceramic Buddha head statue, the surface foiled and lacquered to achieve incredible dimension in the finish. This piece measures at 13 inches tall – use to add a splash of contemporary color to your most contemplative interior environments. | BUY IT.

elegant-mini-buddha-statue-set-creative-gift-idea-for-buddhist-spiritual-decor-glamorous-gold-and-metallic-detailsMini Buddha Statue Set of Two: Display together or use separately to spread calm around the home. This set of two polystone Buddha statues capture the imagination with a luminous finish and metallic appliques. Each one measures at just over 10 inches tall. | BUY IT.

standing-buddha-statue-beautiful-gold-finish-and-ivory-details-25-inch-tall-spiritual-decor-for-modern-interior-designRadiant Gold Standing Buddha Statue: The standing posture symbolizes the Buddha rising to teach after achieving Nirvana. This polystone resin statue features radiant gold details over weathered cream. This piece would look especially stunning in an area that receives lots of natural light. This statue stands at a substantial 25 inches in height. | BUY IT.

small-buddha-statue-gold-elegant-details-14-inch-height-peaceful-napping-posture-unique-gift-idea-for-buddhistsGold Resting Buddha Statue: At 14 inches tall, this tranquil Buddha statue makes a brilliant first impression – every detail brought to life with a radiant gold finish that captures the light. | BUY IT.

golden-buddha-statue-metallic-intricate-design-elegant-gift-idea-spiritual-decor-for-modern-home-interiorGold Finish Buddha Statue: Crafted from resin and finished in a radiant gold, this sitting Buddha statue exudes tasteful elegance while capturing a sense of inner peace. This piece is weatherproof for display outdoors but is not frost-proof – make sure to move it inside if outdoor temperatures drop too low. | BUY IT.

inexpensive-bronze-buddha-statue-small-8-inch-sculpture-spiritual-decor-for-home-office-or-side-table-antique-finish-spiritual-gift-ideaSmall Polyresin Bronze Buddha Statue: At just 8 inches tall, this Dhyana mudra Buddha is sized just perfectly to fit on a shelf, mantle, side table, or even right on your work desk. This piece is made from polyresin in an antique bronze finish for a metal-like look at an accessible value. | BUY IT.

glossy-white-buddha-head-statue-modern-spiritual-decor-ideas-for-contemporary-home-7-inch-height-peaceful-decorationWhite Ceramic Buddha Head Statue: Glossy ceramic glaze makes this Buddha head statue a smart fit for modern, minimalist, and even glam interior themes. This statue measures at just over 7 inches tall. | BUY IT.

glossy-white-sitting-buddha-statue-16-inches-tall-lotus-base-dhyana-mudra-decor-unique-gift-idea-for-spiritual-inspiration-decorGlossy White Sitting Buddha Statue: The contemplative Dhyana mudra makes this Buddha statue an excellent choice for meditation areas. This design features the Buddha sitting on a lotus, constructed from glossy white resin that highlights its rich detailing throughout. It measures at 16 inches tall. | BUY IT.

simple-ceramic-buddha-statue-small-6-inch-design-minimalistic-buddhist-decor-for-modern-home-gift-idea-spiritual-sculptureMinimalist Ceramic Buddha Statue: Constructed from smooth ceramic and finished in a glossy white glaze, this Buddha statue keeps things simple to fit with a wide variety of interior styles. This design measures at just over 6 inches tall so you can find a comfortable home for it just about anywhere. | BUY IT.

reclining-buddha-statue-small-sculpture-for-mantle-or-shelf-unique-spiritual-gift-idea-buddhist-decoration-ideasSmall Reclining Buddha Statue: Reclining statues represent the last moments of the Buddha’s life on earth prior to entering Nirvana after death. This small statue measures at 13 inches in length, crafted from bonded stone in a warm and inviting antique finish. | BUY IT.

medicine-buddha-statue-white-finish-beautiful-bhaisayaguru-sculpture-spiritual-gift-cast-stone-healing-decorWhite Medicine Buddha Statue: Bhaisayaguru is the Medicine Buddha. Many people choose to place these statues in their home to propagate a therapeutic atmosphere or a healing energy within the home – and this gorgeous cast stone statue is a graceful option. | BUY IT.

colorful-elegant-buddha-head-statue-red-and-gold-with-stone-effect-12-inch-sculpture-intricate-buddhist-artwork-gift-ideas-for-modern-homes12-Inch Buddha Head Statue: Vibrant color and expressive detailing make this Buddha bust especially artful. Each one is handmade and hand-finished by skilled artists in India. This statue is crafted from polyresin in a rich stone finish. | BUY IT.

silver-buddha-statue-metallic-intricate-details-modern-spiritual-decor-for-contemporary-home-gift-inspiration-9-inch-sculpture-anjali-mudraBlack and Silver Buddha Statue: High-contrast details and metallic accents make this design a fantastic fit for the most modern of interior environments. This gorgeous statue measures at just over 9 inches tall and is intricately sculpted from resin, the hands demonstrating the Anjali mudra with elegance. | BUY IT.

black-and-silver-buddha-statue-bust-metallic-decor-16-inch-height-spiritual-gift-ideas-buddhist-decorBlack and Silver Buddha Head Statue: Buddha heads and busts offer a simple alternative to traditional Buddha statues in other postures. This design is handmade from resin in dark grey and adorned with silver detailing. At 16 inches tall, this statue is sure to capture attention from every angle to make a wide-reaching positive impact wherever you place it. | BUY IT.

buddha-statue-for-sale-online-13-inch-teal-and-orange-lotus-flower-base-beautiful-gift-or-spiritual-decoration-1Small Turquoise Buddha Statue: This gorgeous 13-inch statue offers a dash of turquoise color to flatter the interior. This piece is constructed from lightweight resin allowing for its fine detail throughout. The mudra displayed here is the Bhumisparsha mudra – one hand touching the earth to represent the moment of Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree. | BUY IT.

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