Amazing 3D Murals By John Pugh


We have seen this kind of stuff before but not yet at this scale. John Pugh uses the walls of buildings as his canvas to portray some spectacular illusions.

Gallery for Amazing 3D Murals By John Pugh

awesome-wall-paintingsAwesome Wall Paintings | Awesome Wall Paintings.

JOHN PUGHS AMAZING TROMPE L’OEIL PAINTINGSPainting Illusion | Painting Illusion.

3d-mural-painting3d Mural Painting | 3d Mural Painting.

3d-mural-53d Street Painting | 3d Street Painting.

3d-wave3d Building Painting | 3d Building Painting.

3d-mural-13d Street Paintings | 3d Street Paintings.

3d-mural-illusion3d Mural Illusion | 3d Mural Illusion.

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