One Space Two Design Options


We rarely get to see two different interior designs for the same space, but this pair of visualisations let us do exactly that. Visualised by Alex Yagodin, both options have a swish modern feel with curvaceous furniture and commanding monochrome backdrops. However, by adjusting the colour palette, the ambience of the space is completely transformed. ‘Option 1’ is a fresh feeling space that utilises upbeat accent colours, which are then tamed by charcoal grey blocking. ‘Option 2’ is a cohesive colour story of midnight blue feature walls and textiles, sumptuous and sultry. Whether you like to change it up or match it through, this set of non identical twins shows both sides of the coin.

Gallery for One Space Two Design Options

Wall-hung-bidetWhite sanitaryware brightens the dark toned scheme. | 11 |.

decorative-vanity-mirrorRusset walls contrast with charcoal inside a modest shower room. A copper decorative vanity mirror adds some sheen. | 10 |.

designer-table-lampA designer table lamp brings another circular design to the room. | 8 |.

Gloss-black-deskWood effect herringbone flooring fills the office, matching that of the lounge and kitchen diner. | 9 |.

Black-and-white-circle-rugThe high gloss black desk stands upon a black and white circle rug. A piece of monochrome art is casually propped against a set of bespoke bookshelves. | 7 |.

Monochrome-home-officeA chandelier trio span the ceiling of a modern home office space. | 6 |.

dining-pendant-lightsDisc-like dining pendant lights hover over a glass table and cheerful yellow chair combo. A monochrome circle rug adds another dimension. | 4 |.

Monochrome-rugFrom here we can see that the living room fireplace is in fact dual sided – making it useful on the dining room side too. | 5 |.

modern-chandelierBold green chairs are set by the staircase in a spacious foyer, alongside a set of black side tables. A modern chandelier makes a starburst of light over the arrangement, the design a high-luxury take on the classic sputnik chandelier format. Grey wainscot decorates the walls around the contemporary staircase design. Clean cut monochrome pattern fills the floor. | 3 |.

Modern-coffee-tableA cluster of three large modern pendant lights dangle above the red coffee table, and perimeter lighting adds more glow to the bright room. A corrugated panel adds a modern edge to the tv wall decor. | 2 |.

Modern-living-room-furniture-1The main part of the home is almost circular in its floor plan, which makes for an interesting layout. Curvaceous furniture has been selected to tie in with the bowed line of the external wall, and the same lounge furniture pieces are used in both of the design options for this space. What does differ in ‘Option 1’ is the jarring pop of primary red at the centre of the lounge, where a vibrant coffee table switches up the vibe of the charcoal grey and white room. | 1 |.

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