Stunning Paper Crafts From Ingrid Siliakus

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You have already seen the intricate paper castle designed by Wataru Itou that we featured before. It seems there are quite a few people specializing in paper crafts. Traditionally, Paper Architecture is the art of creating an object out of a single piece of paper. We came across an artist named Ingrid Siliakus who specializes in this and her works are truly legendary. The very fact that she uses a single piece of paper for each design is what adds to the awesomeness. Take a look at them below:

Gallery for Stunning Paper Crafts From Ingrid Siliakus

wallpaper-magazine-coverWallpaper Magazine Cover | Wallpaper Magazine Cover.

amazing-papercraftAmazing Papercraft | Amazing Papercraft.

camp-nou-stadium-paperCamp Nou Stadium Paper | Camp Nou Stadium Paper.

camp-nou-nikeCamp-nou-nike | Camp-nou-nike.

taj-mahal-paper-buildingTaj-mahal-paper-building | Taj-mahal-paper-building.

golden-pavilionGolden-pavilion | Golden-pavilion.

colosseumColosseum | Colosseum.

paper-workPaper-work | Paper-work.

paper-artPaper-art | Paper-art.

paper-architecturePaper-architecture | Paper-architecture.

abstract-paperAbstract-paper | Abstract-paper.

papercraft-building-1Papercraft Building | Papercraft Building.

ingrid-siliakus-papercraftIngrid-siliakus-papercraft | Ingrid-siliakus-papercraft.

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