Incorporating Arches Into Modern Home Decor

Incorporating Arches Into Modern Home Decor

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The arched motif communicates elegance, strength, and understated beauty, but how do we incorporate the classically inspired arch trend into our modern home decor? Today, we’ll explore how interior arches can be introduced into our lounge spaces, dining areas, kitchens, and even bedrooms with subtlety and grace, using three inspirational home designs visualized by Elemental Design. These spaces have everything from arch-shaped home workspaces, recessed shelving nooks, and arch chandeliers, to shapely cabinet door cutouts, arch motif artwork, modern mirrors, and decorative wall paint ideas. We’ll also see a meld with the similarly rounded peaks of racetrack-shaped decor elements, curvy furniture outlines, and rounded accessories that complement the arch aesthetic.

Gallery for Incorporating Arches Into Modern Home Decor

plantersColourful planters brighten up a small balcony area. | 40 |.

arch-wall-decorAn arch-shaped mirror decorates the headboard wall in the bedroom. | 38 |.

nursery-decorA second workspace is situated in the child’s nursery. | 39 |.

home-office-1The glass wall home office is gloriously light-filled. | 37 |.

one-wall-kitchen-2Rattan cabinet doors pull the racetrack device into the kitchen. | 35 |.

large-wall-clockAnother illuminated arch rises around a large wall clock, elevating its presence. | 36 |.

rattan-dining-tableRattan chairs are matched by a rattan accented table design. | 34 |.

L-shaped-modular-sofaIn our final modern home design, an arched panel is accentuated with LED light around its perimeter. The decor piece rises like the morning sun behind a light
modular sofa. | 32 |.

rattan-dining-chairsAs we move through the open plan living room, we come to a dining space that’s laden with the arch, racetrack and elliptical motifs. | 33 |.

white-wardrobeWhite wardrobes crisply contrast with the arched insert. | 31 |.

custom-made-headboardA painted headboard extension adds curves to a run of vertical shiplap. | 29 |.

modern-desk-chair-1The painted piece ties in with a small curved desk design and an arched shelving nook. | 30 |.

built-in-storage-1Two-tone doors softly break up the expanse of closets and feature gracefully arched moulding. | 28 |.

racetrack-mirror-1Another open archway marks the transition between the restful sleep space and a dressing area, plus the doors that lead to the ensuite and the hallway. | 26 |.

bedroom-rug-4A white bedroom rug lightens the oak flooring. | 27 |.

brass-table-lampA brass table lamp echoes the curve of an arch mirror at the other side of the bed. | 25 |.

interior-archway-1An open archway connects the kitchen diner with the neighbouring home entryway. A racetrack mirror and a small round pouf create curves between the front door and a wall of built-in hallway storage. | 23 |.

modern-bedroom-pendant-lightIn the master, a circular decorative wall panel pools a soft cream accent behind a modern suspension lights and chandeliers for sale” title=”40 Unique Bedroom Pendant Lights To Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space”>bedroom pendant light. | 24 |.

open-plan-kitchen-diner-1The bespoke tabletop slots uniquely into a tiled peninsula. | 22 |.

rectangle-dining-tableThe rectangle dining table combines white and wood finishes to coordinate with the two-tone kitchen cabinet arrangement. | 20 |.

dining-bench-1The Easy chair by Pierre Jeanneret furnishes one side of the table, whilst a casual dining bench occupies the other side. Sheer white dining room pendant lights allow daylight to pass through from the kitchen window. | 21 |.

modern-wall-sconce-2A cool grey sofa is accented with warm apricot scatter cushions. A matching grey ottoman is curvaceously complemented by a round modern wall sconce. | 19 |.

altar-shelfIn our next home design, an arch-shaped nook creates an elegant surround for an elevated altar shelf. A lower nook is utilised as a recessed bookcase. | 17 |.

unique-ceiling-fansA wooden floating tv stand warmly scores the fresh white wall. A stylish wooden fan contrasts with the white ceiling. See more unique ceiling fans here. | 18 |.

Easy-chair-designed-by-Pierre-Jeanneret-1The desk chair that’s paired with the arched home workspace is the 1950s Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret for the modernist city of Chandigarh, India. See more inspiration for arches in interiors here. | 16 |.

window-seat-1A small wall light illuminates the loose lines of a modern art piece. | 14 |.

grey-upholstered-bed-3As we enter the next bedroom, we see arch themed artwork above the ​​upholstered bed. A modern window seat projects from a narrow sill to make a bright reading nook. | 15 |.

wood-platform-bedA rattan bedside table flanks the opposite side of the wooden platform bed. | 13 |.

bedroom-workspace-4Two more rattan-backed cabinet doors switch back to the arch design to accommodate their shorter stature. | 11 |.

modern-vanity-tableLaid-back rattan accents prevail in the second bedroom of the home, where a rattan chair matches a rattan headboard design. A round mirror adds a curvy silhouette above a sharp modern vanity table design. | 12 |.

round-rattan-rugA natural woven rug lays out a rounded accent on the floor to balance a circular vanity mirror on the other side of the bed. | 10 |.

black-fridge-freezerA combination of white and wood kitchen units build a clean and warm aesthetic around the room. A glossy black fridge-freezer adds a bold accent that ties in with the integrated oven and black kitchen accessories. | 8 |.

master-bedroom-ideasInside the master bedroom, the arch motif is swapped out for the similarly smoothed peaks of racetrack-shaped elements. Rattan-backed racetrack cutouts fashion an en vogue wardrobe design by the bed. | 9 |.

white-and-wood-kitchenThe table stands up against the kitchen peninsula, which allows the diners to easily engage with the cook. | 7 |.

dining-room-pendant-light-2Moving over into the kitchen diner space, a modern dining table and chairs set stretches out beneath Model 2065 pendant lights designed by Gino Sarfatti for Danish brand Astep. | 5 |.

arches-in-interiors-2Another wall of storage holds wine, glasses and decorative items close by the table. | 6 |.

living-room-dining-room-combo-1The arched device behind the living room sofa is actually a compact home workspace, inset within a row of custom-built storage cabinets. The attractive white and wood built-in warmly commands the living room dining room combo. | 4 |.

round-coffee-tables-1Two round coffee tables group at the centre of the lounge, beneath a graceful counterbalanced arch-shaped chandelier design. | 2 |.

media-unitRounded rattan screens border a treasured Buddhist altar, lightly separating it from the TV wall and media cabinet. | 3 |.

small-sofa-1-1An eye-catching arch is situated dead centre of the living room in this modern home, where it forms an elegant backdrop behind a small sofa. At the other side of the living room rug, an arch-backed lounge chair adds a complementary curve. | 1 |.

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