24 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas To Add Holiday Elegance


If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, it is time to start thinking about your table setting and adding a centerpiece can instantly set the mood. You want to impress your guests, but it does not have to expensive or overly complicated. A touch of creativity and some natural elements will create a memorable table that you can be proud of.

Adding a few decorative details such as floral arrangments, color schemes, creative place settings and messages of gratitude are just a few ways you can transform your dining table. Check out our simple Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that will have your table holiday-ready in no time. Remember, just a few of these elements can be switched out to transition into Christmas!

TIP: Faux pumpkins are the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece and can be used year-after-year. There are always new ideas to incorporate these pumpkins to give a fresh new look. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to be continually inspired! Don’t forget to pin your favorite images and leave us a Comment on which one is your favorite and why. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Elevate Your Tablescape. Adorn your dining table with winter fruits such as pomegranates, persimmons, cranberries, and compliment with greenery. It’s simple, festive and beautiful. (via @all.sorts.of)

2. Rustic-Modern Table Setting. For this charming table setting, galvanized buckets are used for the trio of centerpiece flower arrangements. Copper accents are mixed in for an added holiday touch. An overall color scheme of blue, gray and copper is festive yet elegant. The layered plates are Le Creuset Matte, Heather Grey. (via Sugar and Charm)


3. Chalkboard Runner. This Thanksgiving table features a casual placemat, gold silverware, and charger. (via Social Manner)

4. Soft and Natural Tablescape. In the center of this table is an oval bronze tray, brimming with blue and white pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, and seeded eucalyptus. (via Stone Gable Blog)

5. Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape. The re-create this beautiful table, you will need rattan chargers, blue plates, cloth napkins, faux eucalyptus, tapered candles, votives and fairy lights, and decorative glasses for wine or sparkling cider. (via Kim Power Style)

6. Bountiful Harvest Theme. The centerpiece of this table is brimming with pears, grapes, figs, plums, blackberries, and walnuts. A gray linen table runner is actually a tablecloth from HomeGoods, bunched up. Atop of the runner are pretty books, repurposed from your bookshelf! You can also shop at used bookstores if you are wishing for themed colors. Hemstitch napkins are from Pier1. Unscented pillar candles are from Walmart. (via Home Stories A to Z)

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7. Bay Leaf Garland. For this tablescape, a bay leaf garland is draped diagonally across the dining table. Antique brass candlesticks and shot glasses filled with votive candles are tucked into the garland. In the center, an antique copper serving tray is filled with heirloom pumpkins and squashes. The gold beaded chargers and serving tray are from All Modern. (via Rooms For Rent Blog)

8. Simple Table Setting. This simple centerpiece idea includes a few collected branches from the blogger’s apple tree, along with fresh apples! Layer in some flameless pillar candles for ambiance. (via The Wood Grain Cottage)

9. Natural Harvest Centerpiece. On this table, eucalyptus tree branches are criss-crossed down the center of the table, atop the table runner. Three large pumpkins, real or faux, are layered down the center. Fill in the gaps with smaller pumpkins/gourds. A thick tree branch has been cut to use as the base for taper candles. Wood slices are used as chargers. (via Lolly Jane)

10. DIY Napkin Rings. These clever napkin rings were made using empty toilet paper rolls. Cover them with burlap and a stylized flower on top — made from pinecone arms and acorn tops! Get the full DIY tutorial at the provided link. (via Stone Gable Blog)

11. Plum Table Decor. To create this tablescape, you will begin with a black and white base. Layer in deep eggplant/plum and magnolia leaves. Rustic twigs are added for a natural texture. Add candles to give your tablescape a warm glow. (via Taryn Whiteaker)

12. Thanksgiving Centerpiece. A piece of barn board is set in the center of this dining table. Layer some pumpkins on the board, then line it with seeded eucalyptus. White seasonal flowers, pine cones, and eucalyptus pod flowers are added in for a fresh feel. Sparkling little pinecones in the centerpiece are from HomeGoods. TIP: This same table setting can be used for Christmas, just swap out the pumpkins for mini poinsettias, red roses, pomegranates or red ornaments. (via Designs and Events)

13. Pumpkins and Eucalyptus Tablescape. This centerpiece is adorned with heirloom pumpkins over a bed of eucalyptus (try Trader Joe’s). This centerpiece is kept simple so you can replace any of the items with food if you require more table space. Layer in votives for ambiance. (via Nina Hendrick)

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14. Navy, Burgundy and Gold Tablescape. For this table, vintage books are stacked for height, topped with a vase full of seeded eucalyptus, white roses, some burgundy flowers, and hydrangea. Edible elements have been layered in, including plums, and blackberries. Get the full tutorial on the provided link. (via Shades of Blue Interiors)

15. Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Cranberries are in abundance right now, so why not add them to your Thanksgiving tablescape? This table features fresh fruits and vegetables with cranberries adding a pop of color. Float some cranberries in your champagne glass. Napkin rings are made using real cranberries threaded through a wire. (via Taryn Whiteaker)

16. Festive Pumpkin Centerpiece. If you haven’t thrown away your fresh pumpkins yet, you can repurpose them for your Thanksgiving table. Or try adding some faux pumpkins that you can add to your table year-after-year. Add some height to your pumpkins with a rustic wooden box or even a dough bowl. Layer in some faux hydrangeas to add texture and color. (via Pinterest)

17. Pumpkin Explosion Centerpiece. This simple centerpiece features an array of pumpkins set around tall and short pillar candles for ambiance. Menu plans at each table setting help to set the tone. (via Brighton The Day)

18. Pallett Wood Box Centerpiece. This centerpiece is ideal for those who wish to display their decoration early in the season, but have it removed for Thanksgiving dinner (make way for the food!). The box can be simply lifted and placed on your buffet or in another room. Fill the box with floral foam, and then layer in pumpkins, berries, candles, and cedar on top. (via Far Above Rubies)

19. DIY Wheat Bundle Centerpiece. To make this centerpiece, you will need 2 bunches of dried wheat, floral wire, ribbon, 4-inch wide wired burlap ribbon, sliced wood piece, and scissors. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Uncommon Designs)

20. Elegant Lavender Tablescape. Using fresh English lavender on your table can add a wonderful (and relaxing) aroma to your holiday setting. Layer in some additional texture by adding branches or foliage. For the centerpiece, a faux white pumpkin is cut in the center and filled with lavender sprigs. Add height by setting it on a small cake stand. (via Taryn Whiteaker)

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21. Natural Candlelit Table. For this tablescape, kraft paper is used as the table runner. Add log slices to give height to the decor. Set pillar and taper candles on the log slices and layer in seeded eucalyptus branches/sprigs. Rattan placemats add texture, layered with white plates, linens, and a chalkboard “Thankful” Q&A as a conversation starter. Get the printable here. (via Home Made Lovely)

22. Country Casual Meets Refined Rustic Tablescape. A piece of fabric was used for the table runner, sourced from fabric.com — 2 yards of $3 fabric. A Walmart table runner was layered on top. The wood box centerpiece was a DIY project, but you can find these at flea markets or antique stores. Fill it with pine clipping, berries and collected pinecones. Layer in pillar candles and candlesticks. Keep it festive, add in some mini pumpkins. (via Jenna Sue Design)

23. Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece. This table is full of rustic accents, from the copper pot filled with a faux flower arrangement to the rust pears, acorns and terracotta pot plates. A white marker was used to write the names of guests at each place setting. The table runner features a scarf lined with a eucalyptus garland. (via Craftberry Bush)

24. Harvest Centerpiece. This tablescape is inspired by the Napa Valley wine region — rich purples, greys, and greens. A stone-washed linen tablecloth is layered with pumpkins as the centerpiece, wrapped with an inexpensive green garland. The chunky birch candles are from HomeGoods, along with the white plates. Jute pouches (normally used as a utensil holder) are used as place settings and filled with faux foliage. Names are switched out for holiday-themed messages. (via 2 Ladies & A Chair)

25. Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving. Mini pumpkins, faux berries, and natural elements. (via @sbkliving)

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