40 Minimalist Dining Rooms That Will Leave You Hungry To Copy Their Style

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Like the kitchen, the dining room is an essential gathering place for any home. It’s where families can gather after a long day apart and where guests can break bread with their hosts. The extravagant formal dining rooms of yore that made it difficult to talk to someone at the other end of the table have long since given way to something a bit simpler, where breakfast cereal is more common than a five-course meal. The dining rooms featured here are elegant in their simplicity. The minimalist aesthetic works so well in the dining room because it can create a clear, clean canvas for the tapestry of the next meal that will be shared at the sparse but beautiful table.

Gallery for 40 Minimalist Dining Rooms That Will Leave You Hungry To Copy Their Style

hipster-dining-room-minimalist-designFinally, mismatched woods and minimalist furnishings that can expand for company make this cozy dining room a cute and practical choice. | Visualizer: Andi Buftea.

chalkboard-wall-industrial-dining-room-1A dark industrial dining room can still be minimalist. | Visualizer: Rue Temple.

unfinished-dining-room-tableThis dark minimalist dining room includes an unfinished wood table as well as a minimalist framed print. | Visualizer: Kseniia D.

dining-room-house-plantsThis bright white minimalist dining room includes indoor plants

as well as an herb planter for added color. | Visualizer: Cecilia Corda.

geometric-dining-room-designThe way that the legs on these dining chairs are exactly parallel to the legs of the dining table is the stuff of a minimalist’s dreams. | Visualizer: Alexander Korobka.

rustic-minimalist-dining-roomOn the other side of the coin is this rustic-inspired minimalist dining room. | Visualizer: VN Studio.

ultra-modern-dining-tableThe sculpted dining chairs in this modern minimalist black and white dining room have a certain 1980s flair to them. | Visualizer: Michal Nowak.

red-dining-chairsInstead of large windows, this dining room has amazing geometric ceilings as its design focal point. | Visualizer: Antonio Rodríguez.

wood-scandinavian-dining-chairsPicture windows make minimalist design an easy choice because the view does the job of added decorative flourish. | Photographer: Jonas Lindström.

chic-scandinavian-dining-room-styleThis cozy dining room with a Drop chair definitely has the feeling of hygge — the Scandinavian idea of utter coziness and relaxation. | Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd.

pastel-light-hues-lovely-dining-rooms-1In this colorful minimalist dining room, the Unfold pendant matches the yellow Eames chairs. | Visualizer: Zrobym Architects.

white-and-wood-dining-roomThis clean dining room is another example of the flooring creating a visual cue for a bigger seeming room. | Visualizer: Aurélien BRION.

white-eames-style-dining-chairsDark grey is less popular than stark white in minimalist designs, but its a bit gentler than black for a bit of contrast. | Visualizer: Emanuela Berardi.

small-minimalist-dining-roomMismatched About A Chair replicas take a minimalist dining room in a bohemian direction. | Visualizer: Haptic Architects.

wood-panel-wall-accent-dining-roomA modern fruit bowl and chandelier give this minimalist dining table a futuristic feel. | Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanskaya.

natural-dining-room-lightThe wood framed windows and decorative candles give this dining room a bit of a nautical flair. | Visualizer: Vuong Hai Duong.

horizontal-pendant-light-black-and-white-eating-area-1When a dining table butts up against the kitchen counter, an easy flow is created. The linear suspension light helps, too. | Visualizer: Inuti.

white-retro-minimalist-dining-chairsThe white retro dining chairs in the brightly light room are quite interesting. | Designer: MAArchitects.

black-dining-chairsThis dining room just manages to squeak into the minimalist aesthetic with its limited palette and clean lines, but large dining pendants and a huge art piece make this room a bit bolder than some of the others. | Visualizer: AVG.

white-dining-room-designThe stunning whitewashed floorboards in this minimalist dining room really make the room feel bigger. The dramatic swing arm wall lamp you see here is the Flos Mod 265. | Visualizer: Tesla Studio.

artsy-minimalist-dining-roomMinimalist dining rooms can use creative elements like a chalkboard wall to bring in simple, colorful bursts of personality. | Visualizer: Vüsal Abbasov.

minimalist-dining-room-decorLest you think the shell chair is the only Eames option for minimalist, the Eames eiffel base arm chair is another simple and beautiful option. | Visualizer: Line Architects.

wood-dining-tableThe use of a longer table like this one can elongate a room. | Photographer: Tom Ferguson.

simple-minimalist-dining-roomYou don’t need a lot of room to make a minimalist dining room with artificial tropical leaves work. | Designer: Joanna Kubieniec.

spacious-bright-minimalist-dining-roomA white tile kitchen and light wood dining set make this minimalist dining room quite simple and chic. | Designer: Arthur Carvalho Vieira.

minimalist-wood-cabinetryMany minimalist dining rooms exist in open floor plan homes, which means their subtle color schemes need to mesh with surrounding areas as well — including the kitchen and dining room. | Visualizer: 081 Arch.

creative-dining-room-lightingWhen a large statement dining pendant doesn’t quite work, more subtle pendant lighting combined with recessed lighting can be design-friendly as well as practical. The Eames shell chair is a another stylish addition. | Designer: Schlicht Lamprecht.

minimalist-overhead-lightingA statement dining pendant can be a great lighting choice in a minimalist dining room. | Visualizer: Metro Cúbico Digital.

artistic-minimalist-dining-roomMinimalist line art and a statement area rug make this minimalist living room quite artistic. | Visualizer: Anastasia Bakurova.

scandinavian-style-wood-dining-chairsThe wood chairs work well in mostly white minimalist designs like this one. | Visualizer: Volma Graphics.

minimalist-wood-dining-chairs-modernThe light wood Wishbone chairs featured here have that minimalist Scandinavian vibe that is so on trend. | Photographer: Christian Gahl.

sage-green-dining-chairsFor a more colorful minimalist dining room, consider subtle shades like sage green, which work nicely with this room’s http://amzn.to/2hRQezh. Similar dining pendants are available here. | Designer: Suzie McAdam.

minimalist-wood-dining-tableThis tropical-inspired minimalist dining room has a beachy feel from its tile floor to sloped ceiling beams. | Designer: Paolo Didonè & Devvy Comacchio.

sculpted-white-dining-chairsTwo brands of white Scandinavian style chairs make an appearance in this minimalist dining room: the Panton S sculpted chair and the classic Eames chair. | Visualizer: Denis Khramov.

white-and-wood-minimalist-dining-roomThis cozy minimalist dining room leans towards the Scandinavian style with its ocean blue accent pillows and unique light fixture. | Designer: Tierney Conner Design Studio.

modern-black-dining-tableMinimalist dining rooms do not have to be devoid of decoration. This space has a creative accent wall with a spattering of creative elements yet remains clean and sleek. | Designer: i29 Architects.

black-and-white-minimalist-dining-roomEven taller black chairs like these ones can fit into the minimalist aesthetic, mimicking the lines of the kitchen cabinetry and making the room feel bigger and more open. | Visualizer: Stijn Vereeken.

modern-minimalist-dining-chairsIndeed, black modern dining chairs are rather popular in the minimalist dining room. | Visualizer: Artem Bobrov.

minimalist-dining-room-lightingLighting should never be neglected in an dining room — these black dining pendant lights match nicely with the black dining table in this otherwise sparsely decorated room. | Visualizer: Home D.

minimalist-wood-dining-chairs-1As with so many minimalist rooms, white will be a popular color palette in the minimalist dining room. In this Scandinavian style dining room, white walls and concrete floors create a bright, airy space in an industrial-style loft. | Photographer: Jonas Lindström.

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