Farm House In Australia Features A Stylish Renovation


Canny Architects have sent us their latest project, a traditional farm house located in Flinders, a town south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, that was given an incredible contemporary renovation. A dark exterior facade surrounded is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped lawn and gardens. Walls of glass at the rear of the property allows natural light into the home and helps blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Upon entryway into the home through barn-like doors, you will notice moody interiors that presents an interesting composition of both textures and hues, making this countryside home very elegant and chic.

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What We Love: The dark and moody ambiance of the interior living environments lends an air of sophistication and style that makes this home very livable. A contemporary farmhouse in the country provides the ultimate in relaxed, easy living… what do you think, could you find yourself living here?

In an otherwise dark space, a visual contrast has been added with a white sofa and fireplace surround that travels all the way up to the ceiling. A built-in window seat adjacent to the fireplace adds a cozy space to enjoy the heat from the fire and curl up to read a book.

Views through the open plan living / kitchen / dining area out onto a dining terrace and beyond to rolling hills of farmland.

An open plan kitchen, dining room and living room offers fluidity of movement and is perfect for entertaining. Next to the dining area are sliding glass doors that opens the space up to the outdoors, allowing fresh breezes to travel through.

An island kitchen is characterized by dark custom cabinetry, waterfall island countertop, bar stools and subway tile backsplash. There is plenty of space in this kitchen for cooking and entertaining guests.

A private home office features a wall of built-in cabinets and open shelving to house important documents, books and decorative accessories. A spacious wood desk and leather chair completes the look, adding comfort and efficiency.

In the master bedroom en-suite, a curved curtain wall offers privacy and light reduction when its inhabitants want a restful nights sleep.

A spacious bathroom features a freestanding bathtub in the shower area, offering a floor-to-ceiling picture window to look out over the well-manicured property. The wet room area has rain shower heads on either side, enabling plenty of space to shower off… the ultimate dream bathroom!

The mudroom offers plenty of cabinet space for storing boots, coats, hats, etc., as well as built-in bench seating for a comfortable space to sit and take off your shoes.

An expansive swimming pool is surrounding by lush landscaping and fencing, creating a nice private outdoor oasis.

Photos: Courtesy of Canny Architects

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