21 Absolutely Fantastic Backyard Gardens Ideas With Cozy Fire Pits


Create an outdoor oasis in your backyard with by adding a cozy fire pit surrounded by lush gardens that can be enjoyed throughout the season. The crackle of the fire lulls one into relaxation and away from hectic daily schedules, while also providing warmth and ambiance to your outdoor setting. It’s important to select the right furnishings for your outdoor space, so family and friends can kick back and enjoy fresh air and nature.

Backyard projects can range anywhere from $20,000 to well over $150,000, depending on the scope. To design a cozy fire pit, Alderwood Landscape Architecture said their fire pit areas are typically about 12′ – 13′ across. The center fire ring has an outside diameter of about 54″ (4.5′), then they like to have about 4′ between the edge of the raised fire ring and the boulders surrounding it (or the edge of the pavers). They also like to vary that distance around the raised fire ring to give the area more visual interest and create little alcoves for chairs, etc.

Have a look below for some fabulous cozy fire pit inspiration with resource information and links to the designers. Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite and why in the Comments below!

1. This backyard was transformed from an un-usable sloping lawn area into a multi-dimensional series of outdoor living rooms complete with a patio terrace, fire pit area, paver pathways, rock slab stairs, kids creative play area (sandbox), etc. The pavers are Belgard Urbanna in the victorian color with a gray border paver. The fire pit is a black granite with chiseled edge as the cap material. (via Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction)

2. A sunrise deck and outdoor kitchen in Sacramento, California overlooks a beautiful flowing river below. A modern fire pit surrounded by outdoor furnishings offers a comfortable spot for lounging. (via Stone Ridge Decking)

3. The stone fire pit is 4′ in diameter and 18″ high. The entire fire pit area is about 16′ in diameter. The teak benches are the Westminster Teak Buckingham Benches. The floor surface is decomposed granite. (via Avant Garden)

4. A contemporary patio area overlooking the countryside of Burlington, Vermont. The stone is a full color Pennsylvania bluestone irregular flagging. The entire fire pit area is 18′ diameter. If you are looking for a full color range of Adirondack Chairs, try Polywood, Home Depot or Overstock. (via Linden L.A.N.D. Group)

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5. Natural stone creates a terraced garden in this backyard oasis in Atlanta, Georgia. A stone fire pit is encircled by gray Adirondack Chairs for a casual and relaxed atmosphere. (via Alex Custom Homes)

6. A contemporary patio with a fire pit surrounded by gardens and trees in Seattle, Washington. Large natural rocks helps to define the perimeter of this cozy outdoor space. (via Alderwood Landscape Architecture)

7. This outdoor patio area in Costa Mesa, California features an exposed concrete fire pit with a white stucco bench for seating. The gas fire pit is formed with rough sawn 2×6 boards. The fire pit dimensions are 36″ wide x 74″ long. 17.5″ tall and the center area for the burner is 12″wide. The space between the fire pit and the long side of the bench is 20 3/4 inches and on the short side of the bench it’s 19 inches. Flooring material is a standard grey concrete with a top cast finish. (via Christiano Homes)

8. This outdoor patio is used to lounge on the oversized sofa from Teak Warehouse with family and friends to enjoy a movie under the stars. A large retractable movie screen has been mounted to the side of the garage. The fire pit/coffee table is concrete that is cast-in-place. The lights are paper lanterns strung along wire. The fence and gate design is horizontal bands of redwood (clear coat stain) accentuated with linear lexan windows. The ground cover is decomposed granite. (via Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture)

9. A mid century vibe fire pit patio features a garden perimeter that lends privacy from the surrounding neighbors. In the fire bowl, the fire balls are made from the same refractory material as faux logs for gas fireplaces — the brand is Rasmussen. Fire bowl is from Ernsdorf Design. The chairs are from Loll Designs. The patio is colored concrete with sawed joints with 5′ spacing for the joints, finish is a broom finish. (via Ginkgo Leaf Studio)

10. A rustic patio surrounded by redwood trees in Northern California features a cast in place concrete fire pit. Encircling the fire pit, the orange outdoor chairs are the Emmet Lounge Chair from Room and Board. (via Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture)

11. This seaside garden patio features seat rocks around a fire pit that provides the opportunity to take in the magnificent view. The fire pit is custom fabricated from Cor-ten steel. The mesh is 1″ x1′” woven stainless steel wire from McNichols Co. The frame is custom made steel with an Ipe wood cap. The individual fence panels cantilever from the wall. Growing in-between the flagstone is creeping thyme, a favorite perennial for planting between pavers, and it has a purple bloom. (via Randy Thueme Design)

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12. A cozy fire pit area offers complete privacy surrounded by plants and trees in Seattle, Washington. Large boulders helps to define the space. (via Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction)

13. The fire pit is constructed using cmu walls, then the small circular wall is clad with a thin stone, then the whole thing is capped with either a concrete or real-stone cap. Ceramic log-sets sit on top of the burner pan to mimic a natural wood-burning fire. The pavers are Mega-Arbel from Belgard in the Victorian color. The bright yellow shrubs in the center are a variety of Huchera called “Lime Rickey”. Bright yellow foliage contrasts nicely against dark green plantings, basalt boulders, and/or dark brown bark mulch. (via Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction)

14. A backyard in San Francisco features a custom 3×5 fire pit framed with cement block and applied with stone (EL Dorado stone) and gas piping. The outdoor furniture is from a company called Babmar.com. The fountain was ordered through Ace Hardware. The floor is a colored stamped cement with a sealer on it. The color is a Davis color called Palomino 3lbs 5447. Gazebo dimensions are 20 x20 square feet. (via Fautt Homes)

15. A country casual sitting area is surrounded by gardens and woodland in Bath, Ohio. To create this, you just need a bit of a slope, some landstone ledgerock, river gravel, and a corten metal grille ring. The ingredients are basic, but the setting and finishing touches can make it special. As far as landscaping, this was not very costly. (Healy Design)

16. The stones of this gas fire pit are dry laid together in a mosaic pattern and then mortared on the inside to keep them secured together. It is lined with fire brick and fire clay. Inside dimension of the fire pit is approximately 4′ wide and 16″ tall. The Pennsylvania bluestone cap is approximately 14″ wide making the outside dimension of the fire pit around 62″. The curved seat wall is 20″ tall. Similar Adirondack chairs can be found at Walpole Woodworkers. The tree is a red laceleaf Japanese Maple. (via Cording Landscape Design)

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17. Beautiful gardens surround this cozy fire pit in Northern California backyard. The succulents in the landscape lend texture, form and color. Around the fire pit, the classic Westport chairs are custom designed by a California artist. The fire pit was found at a salvage store, try Artefacts in Sonoma, CA. (via Derviss Design)

18. This fire pit has a 3′-6″ inner diameter with a 5′-6″ outside diameter, as the cap is 1′-0″ wide. It is about 16″ above the patio. The fire place stone and the cap is Colorado Buff Sandstone from Lyons Colorado. On the ground, the stained concrete is a Davis Color – San Diego Buff in a ‘sandscape’ exposed texture. It was sealed with a penetrating translucent sealer. (via Phase One Landscapes)

19. A beach style backyard patio design in Scarsdale, New York with a fire pit. The chairs were purchased from West Elm. (via InnerSpace Electronics)

20. Flagstone steps with moss surrounds this cozy fire pit area in a Southern California backyard. The actual fire pit is 68″ in diameter. The top stones are approx. 12″ deep with a 1.5″ overhang at the ends and 2″ overhang over the center opening. The center opening is 44″. The total height is 13.5″ above the ground. The chairs are from Teak Warehouse. (via Bungalow Design)

21. A backyard oasis in Isle of Hope, Georgia features this timeless patio with a custom brick fire pit. Encircling the fire pit is furnishings from Gloster. The ground cover between the stone pavers is mini-mondo grass.

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