30 Absolutely Enchanting Garden Shed Hideaways


If you are an avid gardener or just wish to have a potting shed for putting around, why not add one to your garden to create a charming environment. A potting station can fit into any size of yard. They can be whatever size you would like, and with some ingenuity, meet any budget requirements. These outdoor sheds are practical and functional, giving you space to store your gardening equipment, some plants, and other outdoor items.

They also help to add to your overall garden aesthetics. You could even add a pathway to get to your shed or a small deck with some lounge chairs or a bistro set to relax and enjoy your garden oasis. Below we have gathered together a collection of fabulous garden sheds with plenty of DIY ideas. Under each image are sources and further information. Be prepared for plenty of inspiration and don’t forget to let us know in the Comments which one is your favorite and why!

1. The backyard she shed of a home in Bournville, Birmingham, United Kingdom. The lovely rug is from Maisons du Monde UK. A cozy deck provides space for outdoor seating with string lights (source: Lights 4 Fun) for evening ambiance. (via @theresagromski)

2. The beautiful potting shed in Cape Cod got some new decor added to the pathway for eye-candy. The new antique cast iron urn replaces an old concrete urn that did not provide enough contrast for this outdoor space. (via thisoldcapehouse)

3. Sheds come in all different shapes and sizes, and they can be found in the most amazing places. This small shed features a corrugated metal roof. (via @diyshedlife)

4. A Princeton 10′ x 10′ shed kit from Home Depot gets a full makeover including paint. The flowers are the Kalalou Galvanized Metal Flower Wall Hangings and come in a set of five. The garden shutter sign is a DIY, with a full tutorial on the provided link. (via Organized Clutter)

5. This charming cottage potting shed in Ohio was inspired by the color palette of the main house. A stone pathway leads to this space, where a small deck offers a cozy spot to sit. Potted plants and mixed cottage style planting borders make this backyard shed feel like a tiny home. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

6. This adorable potting shed was constructed out of old barn planks and vintage windows. Awnings are supported by bamboo sticks with a fabric overhang. The shed is owned by an organic gardener. (via Gardening Life Magazine)

7. This potting shed is the perfect example of when art becomes functional in the garden. (via Empress Of Dirt)

8. Add a bit of country to your garden shed. This one features barn-board siding, cedar shake shingles, and rustic wooden trellises. A small wooden deck in front of the shed offers the perfect spot for potted herbs and tomatoes on the vine. (via BHG) 

9. This cool garden shed features gothic arched windows, a stamped metal roof, and hanging planters. A row of boxwoods lines the garden pathway around this fabulous shed. (via BHG)

10. This potting shed offers playful touches with moon and star cutouts. There are stairs in this shed that leads up to the turret, a fun lookout area for kids! (via Empress Of Dirt)

11. On a budget or just like the repurposed look? Try making this potting shed from upcycled doors. This project entails affixing three old doors together with hinges. Use salvaged scaffold boards for shelves and roof supports. The roof is corrugated tin. You will also need screws, rubber washers, and covers. (via Max McMurdo)

12. This DIY potting shed was constructed with just a few materials, spending just $2,000 to complete. This 10’ x 10’ shed features a storage side, a potting side, a growing area and a loft for storage. Get all the details and plans to create this yourself at the provided link. (via Nitty Gritty Dirt Man)

13. This charming shed has been decorated with old junk. The vinyl siding was given an update with a fresh coat of paint. Decor items include old garden gate as the focal point, while old doll carriage wheels add a vintage touch. The horse is from an old copper weather vane. Fork garden tools add to the overall look. (via Empress Of Dirt)

14. An idyllic forest shed features a quaint patio with a birdhouse, lush foliage, and charming garden lights. Be sure to notice the antique watering cans by the entry door! (via Hometalk)

15. A lakeside garden in New Hampshire features this charming greenhouse constructed out of vintage windows and salvaged materials. This shed was once a roadside stand, where the owner sold fresh garden bouquets in vintage jars, handcrafted treasures and produce. The owner got busy and the stand was no longer needed, so it was re-purposed in this charming and useful way. It is even heated during the spring! Strawberries grow in the bed outside. (via Beatrice Euphemie—Vintage Cottage Style)

16. A fairytale two-story garden shed features a cedar shake roof and a cottage-style window with shutters that swing-out. The second-floor loft is accessible via an interior ladder, perfect for additional storage for garden necessities. Fresh blooms surround this quaint shed. (via Hometalk)

17. This fabulous rustic potting shed serves as storage for wood. To get into the gardening spirit, the blogger added a sawhorse potting bench and an old rake sign for hanging up garden tools. The “Potting Shed” sign is a DIY, with a full tutorial on the provided link. (via Funky Junk Interiors)

18. This fantastic garden shed is also a greenhouse that can be used throughout the year for potting and growing plants. (via Pinterest)

19. This charming potting shed features a wooden bench outside the front door for simple garden duties. (via Pinterest)

20. A magical garden in Buffalo features this charming potting shed painted in Mardi-Gras colors. Accenting these lively hues is planter boxes painted to match the terra-cotta pot sconces. The potting bench was constructed from a leftover slate tile that was arranged to emphasize the garden’s diamond theme. (via This Old House)

21. This charming garden shed/chicken coup was found at a local tack and feed. The owner contacted the Oklahoma company who builds them and had this one customized. The cupola and weathervane are from Maine. (via @elevengables)

22. This idyllic garden shed is made of recycled materials in Menominee, Michigan. Pops of pink prevails! (via Artsy Chick Quilts)

23. A wooden fence and a boundary of stacked stone help to define the garden border surrounding this idyllic potting shed. The blue door pops against the more muted background of the shed. (via Rural Girl)

24. A stepping stone pathway leads up to this cozy rustic garden shed surrounded by lush foliage. (via Pintaram)

25. This lovely shed is nestled on Elm Glen Farm in Upstate New York. Owned by collector and author Mary Randolph Carter, her passion is for creating environments using found things. (via Country Living)

26. The ultimate garden shed hideaway tucked beautifully into a lush landscape. This shed is the perfect garden escape, perhaps to work on gardening projects, or just to hang out and relax in the splendor of a tranquil setting. (via We Heart It)

27. Beautiful and fragrant roses adorn the roof of this wooden garden shed. A bistro set provides a tranquil spot to enjoy this vibrant garden. (via Elite Daily)

28. A ladder leaning against a rustic garden shed offers plenty of space for hanging baskets brimming with colorful blooms. (via @roostickc)

29. This fabulous garden shed is that of Joanna Gaines, used to store her gardening supplies, tools, and even gardening books — it has a library ladder! To complement the 120-year-old farmhouse that she lives in, this new build is constructed out of salvaged materials. This includes the porch, windows, and doors. (via HGTV via Country Living)

The interior of Joanna Gaines beautiful garden shed, complete with space for storage of supplies books and even a dining table! (via HGTV via Country Living)

30. A traditional style shed of a beautiful stone-clad lake house in Michigan. The shed houses items that are necessary for harvesting, such as garden shears, baskets, pots, watering cans and even garden boots. (via VanBrouck & Associates)

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