30+ Brilliant And Inspiring Storage Ideas For Your Potting Shed


The summer is in full swing and its a fabulous idea to be well organized with a potting shed filled with storage solutions for your garden tools. For those that enjoy spending time in the garden all summer long, you will probably have plenty of tools and need a proper spot to store them so you stay organized. It is easy to forget tools outside and possibly get them lost or rusted from the rain if you do not have proper storage. Below is an inspiring collection of ideas for space-saving storage solutions to help keep you organized. From wall cabinets to open shelves and peg board hooks, we have plenty of functional and budget-friendly potting shed solutions for your home. Don’t forge to let us know which one most inspired you and why in the Comments below! 

1. A 16-square foot shed in Alabama features a work table, large sinks, a countertop for growing plants and two utility closets for tool storage. The shed is composed of heart pine from a century-old barn. (via The Cottage Journal)

2. This clever idea features a 18-inch-deep garden shed makeover using chalkboard paint. White chalk marker outlines garden tools so they have proper placement after a long day in the garden! The chalkboard paint used on the peg board wall is Rust-Oleum Flat Black Chalkboard Paint. Potting soil is stored in a trash bin under the shelf. (via Leslie Santarina for Remodelista)

3. Try personalizing your space to meet your storage needs. Shelves can hold pots and even a watering can, while crates can used used to organize tools by their use. Hooks can be used to hang items so they are visibly in sight. (via VanBrouck & Associates)

4. A large workbench is used to store pots and bags of soil. The top shelf is a great spot to store your plants that need to go indoors during the winter months. A chalkboard can be a great spot for a calendar to use as a reminder of when plants to be watered. You could also use it as a garden grocery list or other garden reminders. (via Summerwood Products)

5. The long bench is built using framing lumber from the original home. Antique and reclaimed fixtures adorns the space, along with a sink from an architectural salvage yard. Nails in the wall and hooks help with wall storage for tools. A large metal trash bin is used to store brooms, rakes and shovels. Notice the clothes hanger with garden gloves pinned with clothes pins? (via Paul Johnson Carpentry & Remodeling)

6. Your shed is the perfect spot to decorate using old chairs and benches. You will be tracking in dirt, so you should have fun with the decor! An antique sink adds a rustic touch to this space. Built-in cabinetry and drawers are ideal for storage, while open shelves stores pots and baskets. Don’t forget a watering can for indoor plants. The flooring is real brick, Savannah Grey by Old Carolina Brick Company. (via Historical Concepts)

7. A rustic potting shed features a sink composed of granite called Virginia Mist (or sometimes Jet Mist). Open shelves provides for tidy storage of watering cans, pots and miscellaneous garden items. Below is a closer detail of the beautiful utility sink. (via Greenworld Pictures for Amy Aidinis Hirsch)

(via Greenworld Pictures for Amy Aidinis Hirsch)

(via Greenworld Pictures for Amy Aidinis Hirsch)

8. A potting/garden room in the woods of Tennessee is sided with recycled wood pallets. The pallets are from the stone that was shipped to the site for building the home. Cabinets provide storage, while utility sinks and a large work bench offer plenty of work space. The flooring is a slate tile. (via Norris Architecture)

9. The interior of this potting shed showcases a collection of vintage gardening tools. Shelves provides storage for collections of terra cotta pots. Large glass jars, which are antiques, store seeds. (via Art | Harrison Interiors & Collection)

10. If you don’t have space or are on a limited budget, why not add a small shed to the side of your house for storage. You can store larger items or extra containers and even lock the shed — especially if you have any chemicals that need to be stored. A bench can be used for potting plants and to store soil, watering cans and gardening gloves. (via The Cavender Diary)

11. A farmhouse in New Hampshire features this cozy potting shed which serves as a place for storing tools and as a relaxing outdoor retreat. (via Tess Fine)

12. A farmhouse shed in the Berkshires has plenty of functional storage. Open shelves store terra cotta pots, while a countertop serves for workspace and a utility sink. Wall storage holds ladders and various garden tools for an organized look. (via Giambastiani Design)

13. This potting shed is attached to the home, which can be accessed from the outdoors through french doors. The dimensions of this room is about 8×20. Cabinetry stores supplies, while a workbench holds bags of soil. A utility sink is ideal for watering plants and washing hands after spending the day in the garden. (via Rill Architects)

14. This is the beautiful potting shed of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Most of the materials to build this shed are salvaged. The space is designed to house garden supplies, books and tools. The planting station has everything needed for their garden. (via HGTV via Country Living)

15. The interior of this shed offers storage solutions for hanging tools and a garden hose on a peg board wall. Open storage above the pegboard offers a place for stacking pots. Under the counter storage allows for bins full of garden necessities. A flea market chandelier adds a stylish touch. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

16. This 61-square-foot shed features a DIY potting bench with running water. There are hooks for hanging tools and shelves for organized storage. See the full tour of this space here: Awesome backyard garden escape in Indiana: The chic shed. (via Tinkerhouse Trading Company)

17. Two benches provides a large work surface for projects and potting plants. Open shelves are used for storing terra cotta pots, while wall storage is used for hanging tools on nail hooks. (via The Old Blue Bucket)

18. This simple shed offers open shelves stacked with various sizes of pots. Pegs hold large gardening tools for organized storage. (via Michelle Gervais for Fine Gardening)

19. Use the walls of your garden shed for tool storage. Shaker-style peg rails are used to hang outdoor essentials. Use two pegs for hanging larger tools such as a broom or rake. Three closely spaced pegs can be used to store rain boots. (via Country Living)

20. This DIY garden storage idea is a great way to free up space in a crowded garden shed. All that is needed is scrap pieces of PVC, cut on an angle. They are drilled to a board secured to the wall, with each tool having one at the top and bottom. Simple and functional! (via Newly Woodwards)

21. This hanging storage allows you to save space on the floor. This can be done inside your garden shed or on a wall outdoors. Here, an old repainted wooden door is repurposed into a tool holder. Reuse old tools, hooks or old wooden boards to hang garden tools. (via Marie Claire)

22. A small DIY garden shed that is simple and functional. This unique potting bench is hand crafted from recycled materials, including an old wooden door and other salvaged finds. (via Altered Olives)

23. This mini storage shed is ideal for those who do not have a lot of space but need somewhere to store garden tools. A peg board wall is used for vertical tool storage. Half of this shed is used to hang long-handled garden tools and saws with teeth. Bags of potting soil and fertilizer are stored in galvanized, lidded bins from IKEA. (via Gardenista)

24. Inside your shed you should add plenty of function with shelves, potting areas and tool storage bins. A shed with open storage will provide an inviting space to work and will ensure your garden tools are easy to reach. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

25. A wraparound work surface will help to keep all of your garden tools and materials accessible. Add several potting benches to allow for ample work space and storage. Open shelving above a utility sink provides a fantastic spot to store watering cans and other miscellaneous items. (via Southern Living)

26. This is a simple way to store your tools in your potting shed. Here, a pallet is used to store long handled garage tools. (via Fix Lovely)

27. A cottage in Oregon features this charming garden shed. A potting bench offers functional storage for pots and vintage items. (via Faded Charm Cottage)

28. Fall is just around the corner and we are feeling inspired by this potting bench adorned with pumpkins! This vintage bench is ideal for a potting shed, with plenty of space for storage. (via Liz Marie Blog)

29. A beautiful Ohio garden preserves history with its 1800s farmhouse and outbuildings. Here, the side of a garage is used to pot plants on an old wooden bench. Framing the structure is a Virginia creeper, complimented by vintage accessories and potted plants. Old trowels are set against the side of the garage, which can be functional and act as art. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

30. A colorful work bench makes a great storage solution for terra cotta pots. (via Country Living)

31. Add a potting area to the corner of your garage. This one is inspired by kitchen design, featuring lower cabinetry and a granite countertop. An apron-front sink lends a farmhouse feel. Ornate brackets for the open shelving helps to elevate the space. (via Country Living)

32. White pegboard walls helps to simplify organization of gardening tools by providing ample space for hanging and even rearranging when it starts to feel cluttered! A pair of kitchen carts allows for storage on shelves and the potting of plants on the butcher blocks counters. (via House & Home)

33. When spending time outdoors in your shed, you may wish to have your pet follow along for company. This fun shed features a spot for a pet bed. The countertop is walnut. (via Sarah Blank Kitchen & Bath Design)

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