50 Very Creative And Inspiring Garden Stone Pathway Ideas


A stone pathway in your garden can add texture and visual interest, whether it leads one to a destination or is just used for aesthetics. The stones can add a natural element while being very simple to employ. There are a variety of elements, whether you are using large stepping stones, smaller stones, a mosaic or a mix with pebbles or ground cover. Select the style that appeals to you and what best suits the environment that you are living in. Make the most of your stone pathway by planting some beautiful flowers, succulents, grasses or even moss.

There are “stepable” plants that tolerate foot traffic, which ones can be planted depends on your “Plant Hardiness Zone”. These plants would look fantastic growing around the pathway for visual interest. You could also use mulch for texture and to help prevent weeds from popping up. There are a variety of different ideas for how to create your own garden pathway, have a look below for some amazing inspiration. Below each image is further details to help you copy the look in your own garden. 

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1. The flagstone is called Oklahoma flagstone or can also be called cameron flagstone. 2-4 inch spacing between the stones. The blue colored rubble for the step is called Rancho Santa Fe rubble. The grass between the steppers is called Dicondra, it can be purchased in flats or as sod. (via DeMaria Landtech, Inc.)

2. A lush Caribbean garden features steps composed of concrete, poured in a form with crumpled brown bags to create pattern. Zoysia grass surrounds the steps. (via Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture)

3. Cement slabs form a pathway through this Miami tropical garden. The silver grass-like plants are bromeliads, called Alcantarea odorata. Additional plants includes the Blue Iris. (via Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture)

4. This Mediterranean landscape in Costa Mesa, California has some fabulous curb appeal. A colorful drought tolerant landscape adds lush beauty. The pathway has dymondia growing between the stones, which is hardy and can be walked upon. Forms a dense silvery-green mat and handle the sun and little water, but needs trimming as it grows quickly. (via David Pedersen)

5. A contemporary landscape in Indianapolis. The square stones are roccia blue stone tiles at 16″x16″, and are probably around $30/each. Shredded brown hardwood mulch is in between the stepping stones. (via 317Grow)

6. A pathway of 4’x 2′ Bluestone leads from the house to a casual seating area, while also providing access to the garage. The pathway is flanked by beds of Liriope as a substitute for turfgrass. (via Architectural Gardens)

7. This stone pathway is full range broken bluestone. The stones are set on a fine gravel mix. The gravel in between the stones is a 1/4 or 3/8 inch crushed granite. Perennials and shrubs bloom throughout the season providing interest points that changes throughout the seasons. Creeping thyme and other flowering plants fill in the spaces between this irregular stone pathway. The purple plants are Mazus Repatans. (via The Todd Group)

8. An Asian themed garden in Palo Alto, California includes rough horsetail — vertical, rush-like evergreen. A meandering stone and gravel pathway leads through the garden. (via Modern Landscaping, Inc.)

9. This pathway features a mix of stone. The creamy buff path stone and stairs is ‘Bay de Noc’. The path stone with more brown colors is ‘arkansas stone’. Sun-loving Petunias provides vibrant color. (via Ted Lare Design Build)

10. Beautiful pottery highlights this Seattle garden. The pots are rom a wholesale pottery supplier in Seattle, AW Pottery. Weed cloth has been laid under the gravel, which is about 3″ deep. The gravel is granite gravel – its a medium gray, 3/4″. The pathway steps are tumbled bluestone slabs, 2-3″ thick. (via Bliss Garden Design)

11. A farmstead in the Northwest corner of Washington State features a beautiful garden walkway. (via Lankford Associates Landscape Architects)

12. A pathway of Pennsylvania blue stone winds its way through the landscape and past the rain garden. A large Buddha defines the patio area of this West Seattle home. (via In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes)

13. The side path and between flagstone is crushed granite. It comes in either terracotta or bluestone color. The path has a 4″ compacted gravel base and then the stone is set over screenings to level. (via Exterra Designs)

14. A stone step pathway leads to a willow arch, framing a Secret Garden. The Arbor was made by the Willow Farm in Pescadero, California. (via Judy’s Gardens & Design)

15. A romantic guest house cottage garden in Philadelphia with shabby-chic style. The pathway terminates just beyond the door to this guest cottage in a small, informal cigar patio. The path lights are Concord Lanterns from Kichler. (via Dear Garden Associates)

16. The inviting fireplace in a backyard of Northern Virginia draws you through the garden. The walkway and patio surfaces are constructed with full-color Pennsylvania flagstone. Flanking the pathway is Mondo Grass. Geraniums adds a pop of color to the gardens. The low-voltage pathway lights are manufactured by Unique Lighting Systems. (via SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction)

17. A low maintenance, sophisticated, contemporary landscape design in Houston, Texas. A linear walkway features dark gray acid finished poured in place concrete pads with #4 rebar inside (a clear coat gives it a wet look). The pathway provides a guided tour around the home, garden and modern outdoor sculptures. Pathway stones (limestone gravel, 1/4″ to 1/2″) are used as ground cover to create movement. The bamboo is “Bambusa oldhamii”, a clumping type. (via Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design)

18. A beautiful garden in a historic district of Memphis, Tennessee. A wonderful stone pathway leads through the gardens to a 7′ tall, painted cedar fence. The gate design is an “arts and crafts” design, matching the period of the house. (via Gurley’s Azalea Garden)

19. A cast stone pathway wanders through a garden of succulents, cannas, ornamental grasses and sub-tropicals. The stepping stones are cast concrete pieces left over from the raised terrace. They were remnants / cut offs from the job. The Canna Tropicana plants with the orange flowers adds height. The yellow sedums are Sedum Angelina. (via Derviss Design)

20. A narrow side yard in Seattle features a stepping stone pathway through a lush garden. The grass on the left is Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’ (common name – Japanese Forest Grass). (via Rhodes Architecture + Light)

21. Random-shaped stepping stones were cut from 8-inch thick slabs of PA Bluestone. There were tooled to create a timeworn appearance. Around the stepping stones is a breathable garden mulch of pine needles from the Longleaf Pine. Tsukubai or water basin, is the name of the water feature. Part of a traditional tea garden for visitors to refresh themselves. The chozubachi basin is a natural boulder. It is ironstone with a naturally-occurring cleft. Light fixtures are from CAST. The tree is a green-leafed Japanese Maple. (via Hanselman Landscape and Gardens)

22. A coastal retreat features an Arizona flagstone pathway, complimented by Armeria, Lavender, Dymondia and Fortnight Lily. The beautiful bright pink flowers are the Armeria maritima, common name is Sea Thrift. (via Zeterre Landscape Architecture)

23. A secret garden on the opposite corner of a house in Philadelphia provides an informal outdoor sitting area. An irregular flagstone pathway is gracefully set into a compact ground cover. The plants used between the steppers are Sedum acre and Thymus serpyllum ‘Alba’. (via Dear Garden Associates)

24. Stepping stone leads through a beautiful garden in Portland. The ground cover is Little Bluestar Creeper, excellent between stepping stones. Blooms in the spring and tolerates shade to some morning sun. The “grass” on the left is Carex morrowii ‘Aureovariegata’- Variegated Sedge. (via Creative Garden Spaces)

25. This Zipper Path is composed of antique Chinese Granite, salvaged from the Yangtze Dam (sourced by Rhodes Architectural Stone). Plantings include: Baby’s Tears, Hellebore and a Boxwood hedge. (via Zeterre Landscape Architecture)

26. A stone pathway leads up a gated fence, leading to a vegetable garden. A purple hyacinth bean vine drapes the wooden gate and fence. The fence was constructed using locally harvested Red Cedar, designed on-site.(via Dear Garden Associates)

27. This colorful pathway is not designed using stone, but it was too charming to not include! It is reclaimed from an old deck, running through an old door turned gate into a private garden. The chickens have a chicken coup but can usually be found free roaming the property.  (via Farmhouse 38)

28. Beautiful garden path idea with flagstone leading through a secret garden with a dining area for dining al fresco. (via Sunset)

29. The little door in the garden. How interesting would this be to have a secret doorway in your garden? A stone pathway surrounded by lush foliage leads to this charming doorway. (via Casa & Diseno)

30. What a wonderful mix of materials for this garden path! Pavers, stones and succulents defines this creatively crafted pathway. (via Morflora)

31. This beautiful pathway leads through through the woods with lush gardens defining the borders. Large piece of flagstone have been embedded into the ground with small pebbles filling in the spaces around to create a natural feel. (via Morflora)

32. Lush gardens surround this pathway of flagstone, rocks and moss, leading along the side of a property. (via Sunset)

33. This natural stepping stone pathway is inspired by Japanese garden design. (via Ponpondaria.tumblr)

34. This rustic pathway is a beautiful mix of stepping stones, small rocks and even wood slices. If you have an old tree that needs to be cut up, this is a great way to reclaim the wood and give it new life! This path leads to a backyard patio with a fire pit. (via Prettystuff.tumblr)

35. Rhubarb leaf stepping stones adds a nice home-made touch to the garden path. To make this concrete leaf casting you need cement mortar, sand pile, plastic wrap, gloves, mask, bin to mix cement, water, and large rhubarb leaves. Make the mixture of cement mortar by following the package directions (enough to cover the leaf, should feel like fudge). Shape sand in dome and set a large sheet of plastic wrap on top (wrap acts as barrier between sand and leaf). Cover your leaf with cement, then cover with a plastic bag lightly over the top and secure with rocks on the corners to protect from the wind. Dry for 24 hours. After it is dry, turn it over and pull the rhubarb leaf from the tile. Seal it with an outdoor sealer. See below for a visual aid. (via Meilla Kotona)

(via Garden Gate Magazine)

36. The trees, rocks and the palisades structure a Japanese style garden. Avoid straight lines and instead favor asymmetry to ensure balance and serenity in the garden. (via Olivier Geslin for Cote Maison)

37. A creative garden path of rocks and stepping stones made from a leaf mold surrounds a water feature in the garden. (via Pinterest)

38. A pathway of gravel and stone creates a natural look in this beautiful garden. The pathway leads to big red barn style doors, to a secret garden. (via Meilla Kotona)

39. This is an inexpensive option for a beautiful garden pathway using flagstones and river rock. (via The Country Gardener)

40. Tennessee Fieldstone step stones leads one through this natural vegetation to a garden rest area. A bistro dining set is very idyllic in this woodland setting. The rustic furnishings are set on top of Crab Orchard Flagstone, which rests on compacted soil. (via Eric King Landscaping)

41. A pathway leading to a gazebo cuts across a pebbled circle with thrift, sedum and saxifrage plantings. (via Rich Saunders)

42. Plants can transform a dull space into a rich tapestry of leaf shapes, textures, and colors. They can spruce up challenging areas under trees, accent transitional locations along paths, add foundations and add visual interest. Loving the red door! (via Tales From Carmel)

43. The beautiful gardens of a Carmel, California cottage showcases lavender-blue star-shaped blooms of the Serbian bellflower, mixed with white Bacopa flowers and ferns. These plants highlight a pathway that leads to a cozy sitting area. (via Tales From Carmel)

44. Gravel and large rocks defines a pathway through this lush and vibrant garden. (Flickr)

45. This walkway features wooden steps set in varying sizes of stones to create a garden pathway. You can use traditional railroad ties or log sleepers to create this look. (via Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls)

46. Create a cottage-style garden with a pathway of round pavers and gravel leading to a beautiful arbor. Plants spill over the border of the pathway to fill in the edges and create visual interest. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

47. A beautiful English country garden located in East Anglia, an area in the East of England. The garden includes a pathway, a greenhouse, some fruit bushes and trees, various flower beds, a strawberry patch, a vegetable garden, and a small patch of lawn/grass area. (via My Garden Diary)

48. An exquisite garden in a natural forest setting with a stepping stone meandering through it. (via Pinterest)

49. A flagstone pathway leads through a lush garden and along the side of a house. Small pebbles fill in around the larger rocks to create a natural look. (via Pinterest)

50. A stone pathway leads through lush greenery, including ferns and palm plants. (via Pinterest)

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