53 Incredibly Fabulous And Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls


Water is very soothing and relaxing and these ideas for backyard waterfalls can help you to create a peaceful oasis right on your property that is both visually appealing and very refreshing. In the past here on 1 Kindesign we told you about how to make your garden more desirable by designing a pond in your backyard. However, you can can that pond more unique with the addition of a natural cascading waterfall, or a fountain. If you want something more modern, you may want to select a water feature installation with lighting and jets of water.

A waterfall can also be integrated into a pool, or you can also have it flow over rocks into a natural swimming pool which would really create a beautiful effect. Incorporating rough stones into your design will not only help to create a natural looking waterfall, it adds textures and natural beauty to your design. You can have your waterfall professionally design in your backyard, or you can make one yourself. Making one yourself is a little more tricky and will require a lot of time, but we have plenty of inspiration below that can give you some ideas on how to get started.

The key is to make your waterfall look natural, so planting lots of water loving vegetation around your water feature and some mulch will help make it look native to the property. An additional idea is to have your waterfall located next to a patio so that you can sit back and enjoy the babbling of the stream, or create a garden walkway around or next to the waterfall so guests can stroll.

Note: Please have a look at the end of this article for image sources of who designed each of these amazing waterfall creations!

A beautiful cascading stream showcases small waterfalls and pools. The splashing noises from the water helps to de-tract from the surrounding noises of the neighborhood, making soothing background sounds. The shallow pool features potted papyrus plants and to help soften the rocky waterway, spiky sedges have been planted.

This outdoor living space is a private respite away from the house, blanketed in forest with a flagstone patio, stone walkway, beautiful waterfall that meanders down the hill to a pond, quiet seating area and a zen garden. The perfect spot for tranquil moments of reflection.

Rustic Waterfall Design: This beautiful cascading waterfall is formed out of Corten steel combined with stepped walls of stone.

This cool waterfall feature is inspired by gold-mining flumes, a small stream-like recirculating fountain that draws water from a buried cistern.

Submerged lighting can help create a warm and soothing glow, drawing attention to outdoor water features.

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Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-53-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-53-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-53-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-50-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-50-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-50-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-51-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-51-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-51-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-52-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-52-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-52-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-46-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-46-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-46-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-47-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-47-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-47-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-48-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-48-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-48-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-49-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-49-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-49-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-44-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-44-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-44-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-45-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-45-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-45-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-42-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-42-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-42-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-43-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-43-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-43-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-38-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-38-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-38-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-39-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-39-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-39-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-40-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-40-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-40-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-41-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-41-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-41-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-36-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-36-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-36-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-37-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-37-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-37-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-32-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-32-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-32-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-33-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-33-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-33-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-34-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-34-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-34-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-35-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-35-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-35-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-29-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-29-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-29-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-30-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-30-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-30-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-31-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-31-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-31-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-26-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-26-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-26-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-27-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-27-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-27-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-28-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-28-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-28-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-22-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-22-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-22-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-23-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-23-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-23-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-24-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-24-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-24-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-25-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-25-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-25-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-19-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-19-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-19-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-20-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-20-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-20-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-21-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-21-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-21-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-16-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-16-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-16-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-17-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-17-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-17-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-18-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-18-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-18-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-13-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-13-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-13-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-14-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-14-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-14-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-15-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-15-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-15-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-09-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-09-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-09-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-10-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-10-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-10-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-11-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-11-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-11-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-12-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-12-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-12-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-06-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-06-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-06-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-07-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-07-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-07-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-08-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-08-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-08-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-04-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-04-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-04-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-05-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-05-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-05-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-02-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-02-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-02-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-03-1-KindesignTranquil Backyard Waterfalls-03-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-03-1 Kindesign.

Tranquil-Backyard-Waterfalls-01-1-Kindesign-1Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-01-1 Kindesign | Tranquil Backyard Waterfalls-01-1 Kindesign.

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