Exquisite Apartment In Santander With Delicious Details


This stunning apartment is owned by a couple who discovered their home on the outskirts of Santander, Cantabria, on the north coast of Spain. It’s a bottom level home with a garden and, although it is has had some recent construction, the owners decided to reform it with the help of the company Consultants of Projects and Design (Consultores de Proyectos y Diseño), to achieve a more creative environment. The owners, two young cosmopolitans, love to travel and have a weakness for good food, that is why they wanted a space that would reflect their passions and where they could enjoy comfortable entertaining. Distributed on one floor, the cozy apartment features an open plan area to enjoy daily activities and a more private area with a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

The living room and the kitchen are open to each other, although they are separated by an island located in the center of the room, which serves as a dining table while providing an extra work surface. Discrete touches of modern industrial style, inspired by New York lofts, fit into a coherent atmosphere, full of nuances. The elongated, original windows of the house, were perfect to create charming spaces connected with the garden.

The decoration is predominately neutral. The decorative accessories, acquired by the owners in their extensive travels, define the lines of a cosmopolitan style, a very experienced but welcoming style. A space without complications, a comfortable distribution with tailor-made solutions.

The bedroom en-suite, is decorated in hues of gray and white. There are two elements: the gas fireplace recessed in the wall — a double-sided model that has been installed between the living room and the bedroom — and the mini desk in the corner.

Through the dressing room, with two areas that are open and organized, gives access to the bathroom, a space that flirts with the rustic tendencies. In short, this apartment boasts of an exquisite look, built through small delicious details.

Photos: Mi Casa

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