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This year’s Kips Bay Show House in New York City, New York, spotted on Sotheby’s, was the most magnificent ever – and the townhouse can be yours! It is located on one of Manhattan’s loveliest townhouse blocks, one filled with single family homes. 19 of the most prominent designers transformed this 20 foot wide, 5 story house with elevator, originally built in 1899, into a truly spectacular residence. Outstanding features include a state-of-the-art professional kitchen and lavish powder room on the ground floor which has not only a gorgeous planted garden, but a one-of-a-kind 2-story glass enclosed atrium. The expansive living room has soaring ceilings and the adjacent formal dining room overlooks the garden and atrium. There is a wine tasting room adjacent to the dining room. The master bedroom suite on the 3rd floor is exquisite, plus there are additional bedrooms on the 4th floor. The 5th floor has front and rear terraces, one with a gold fish pond, and a modern lounge/media room second to none. In the picture above, Andrew Suvalsky draped the front hall with a sheer black floral curtain.

This incredible designer showcase home is listed at $16,000,000, from here.

Mr. Suvalsky designed these cabinets himself. Above, a pair of photographs by Adrien Broom.

Mr. Suvalsky, who also colonized the foyer, said he is “equal opportunity” when it comes to color. The ’50s Italian sofa is from Gaspare Asaro. The painting is by Rainer Gross.

James Huniford designed this sofa in the atrium. The Josef Hoffmann chair came from Kimcherova; the fabric is from Maharam.

Bone and brass coffee tables by Enrique Garcel from Mondo Cane.

In Mr. Huniford’s room, a waterfall painting by Pat Steir from Cheim & Read. On the floor, a coyote skin rug and flooring made of recycled leather in a crocodile print.

In Mr. Suvalsky’s powder room, three shades of blue lacquer. It took three weeks, he said, to get the finish this liquid-looking. He designed the rug with Kyle Bunting. The “Chainon Mirror” is from Lorin Marsh.

Mariette Himes Gomez and Brooke Gomez made a monochromatic, mostly English sitting room. With the four-by-four-foot ottoman, it seats 14.

On a leathered drum table from Yale R. Burge Antiques, a wire sculpture from Maison Gerard.

Garcia/Maldonado Inc turned a bedroom into a stylish lounge. The Kate Moss photograph is by Russell Young. The Italian mid-century chandelier is from Bernd Goeckler. The walls are paneled in sueded buffalo.

Sara Story designed her living room to recall the shifting planes of a Cubist painting. The stylized bamboo wallpaper is from her own line; the sofas were custom-made, and the coffee table is 1940s French.

Ms. Story’s bathroom is an homage both to Andree Putman and to her own anxieties, she said. The bathtub is filled with crumpled paper, scrawled with words like, “Bamboo: Love or Hate?”

Eve Robinson’s family room is designed in lavender and gray. The vintage lounge chair is from Lorin Marsh.

In Ms. Robinson’s room, a table for Scrabble and lots of marshmallows. The hand-blown pendant lamps are by David Wiseman; the pair of photographs, from a series called “Tethered,” are by Randy West.

Ms. Robinson filled her stainless steel fireplace with silvery blown-glass logs by Suzan Etkin.

In Kristen McGinnis’s dining room, a neon, wood and string sculpture by Elliott Hundley. The painting is by Al Held, from Cheim & Read. The table and chairs are by Joaquim Tenreiro, from R 20th Century.

The Japanese bowls are from Sara Japanese Pottery. The Mepra flatware is from Barneys.

Above a leather bar by Dineen Architecture + Design PC, a photograph by Margaux Walter. The shell mask by Thomas Boog is from Maison Gerard.

In their sitting room, slipper chairs from Duane Modern. The huge Regency wine cooler is from Kentshire.

The mohair throw is by Susan Chalom.

Jack Levy designed this sitting room around the Fornasetti wallpaper. At the last minute, he sliced up a length of the brocade fabric he used for his pillows and stitched it to the back of the gray wool club chair.

Mr. Levy wanted the curtains “to look like water,” he said.

The Anglo-Indian bed in Kathryn Ireland’s bedroom is draped in her fabric collection from Scalamandre.

Stephen Mooney’s peaceful lady’s “writing room” has no computer. The wallpaper is from Scalamandre.

In the back yard, a balloon bench and balls of boxwood by Nievera Williams Design.

There’s a fish pond, and a bathtub from AFNY.

West Chin turned this outdoor fireplace into a terrarium.

He designed this white Corian birdhouse to look like a house he designed for a family in Long Island.

Mr. Chin draped moss over the back terrace wall (he said it reminded him of the “Lord of the Rings” movies); the knitted poufs are from Karkula.

Photos: Trevor Tondro, Timothy Bell & Sotheby’s

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