5 Indoor Modern Decorative Plastic Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole and Tray for All House Plants

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1. Plastic Planter, HOMENOTE

Price: $16.99(as of Sep 13,2022 22:13:56 UTC – Details)


An indoor garden can be your refuge from the outside world, This set of plastic flower pots designed with a matte white finishing exterior provided by HOMENOTE has up to 5 different sizes, can plant plants, flowers, cacti, succulents, etc. according to the size of the pot, they will help you create your own garden


These plants need to be watered moderately often, but make sure you do not over-water them. If your peace lily begins wilting, just give it some water. You’ll know it has enough if water begins seeping out of the pot’s drainage holes.


HOMENOTE Plastic Flower Pots, meet your needs to grow multiple plants at the same time.
Material: Plastic, Color: White, Size: As the Picture, Package: 5*Plastic Planter, 5*Plastic Tray
Trays: The pots come with Multi holes in the base for drainage, it can provide better water flow and air penetration, healthy root growth for live plants.

Plants can also help with loneliness and depression: caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and is rewarding — especially when you see that living thing bloom and thrive.




Super Thick and Durable: Stop using cheap thin plastic, Choose our 4mm thick flowerpot and be nice to your plant. Multiple Drainage Holes Design: These flower pots provide multiple drainage holes in the bottom to drain the stagnant water and help prolong the life of your beloved plants. Perfect Matching Trays: Good drainage is essential for healthy plant growth, trays can catch excess water, so the water will not flow to your floor and table.

Different Size Combo These plastic planters indoor combines with 5 different sizes, which are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized home/office plants like orchid, snake plant, mint, cactus, aloe, to brighten up your living place. Notice: plants Not Include.
Excellent Drainage and Tray These white pots for plants come with multiple drainage holes in the bottom to let excess water easily flow out to help prolong the life of your plants, and the saucers are provided to catch excess water.
Super Thick and Sturdy Material Compared to common flimsy plastic pots for plants, HOMENOTE plastic flower pots are made by 3mm to 4mm super thick (from smallest to largest) sturdy polypropylene. Lightweight has no odor and will never be deformed or broken. Thick materials and clean appearance make them look like ceramics.
Modern Simple Design Full white and matte finishing exterior, bringing out a modern minimalistic styled. the round planter pots are perfect for indoor plants of different colors, bring out a modern stylish visual representation for any home/office decor without any sense of violation.
Decorate Your Own Home Minimalistic styled plastic planters of classic white color, are great for decorating windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, office, etc.

2. Pots for Succulent and Little Snake Plants

Plant Pots - 4.7 Inch Cylinder Ceramic Planters with Connected Saucer, Pots for Succuelnt and Little Snake Plants, Set of 4, White

Price: $16.99(as of Sep 13,2022 22:13:56 UTC – Details)

Mini Ceramic Plant Pots
Mini Ceramic Plant Pots

Mini Ceramic Plant Pots

Perfect for holding succulent, herbs and cactus plants. This plant pot is designed to grow petite plants or display artificial plants, like spider plants, air plants, succulents, herbs, ferns, which adds a lively and fresh look to your space.Create Your Own Little Jungle

Create Your Own Little Jungle

The decorative planter pots are perfect for showing your lovely plants such as succulents, air plants, herbs, cactus, ferns, orchids ivies, and more small plants.

Ideal Growing Environment

Ideal Growing Environment

This plant pot provides enough growing room for different kinds of succulent plants. Our plant pots can help you bring new colors and textures into your home for nature-inspired updates.

Ideal Gift Choice

Ideal Gift Choice

Durable material with simple design, ideal gift choice for somebody who loves gardening so much. Having plants to interact helps to raise productivity, well-being, and lowers anxiety.

Modern Simple Decoration

Modern Simple Decoration

Succulent planter with bright white color, easy to match any home decor style. You can place them in the home bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office, adding a modern simple touch to your living space.

Mini Style Artwork

Mini Style Artwork

This attractive little planter offers a simple but elegant way to display greenery, adding a unique charm to your home. From outdoor options for your patio to indoor for your windowsill, planters bring vibrancy and warmth to any space.

  • Approximate dimension – caliber: 4.7Inch, height: 4.1lnch, bottom diameter: 4.3 inch. the plant is not Included.
  • Medium size&suitable planter – this is a medium-size planter for the succulent plant, they are more suitable for root-depth plant and plant likes little aloe, snake plant seedling.
  • Attached saucer design – attached saucer helps to minimize water run-off, and there is one little seam in the bottom of the pot to connect the saucer and pot for necessary drainage.
  • High quality&modern shape – created with sturdy ceramics, which is made of kaolin.
    Attention – plant not Included.

3. LE TAUCI Ceramic Plant Pots

Price: $16.99(as of Sep 13,2022 22:13:56 UTC – Details)

We’ve spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great, and come with a saucer so your floor or desk won’t get ruined. All you have to do is find the perfect spot for it in your home and plant your favorite plant.



Small Size: Φ4.5inch H: 3.5inch
Recommended plant matching
·Haworthia Zebra
·Pilea Peperomioides


Medium Size: Φ5.3inch H: 4.4inch
Recommended plant matching
·Monstera Deliciosa
·Snake Plant Laurentii
·Calathea Rattlesnake


Large Size: Φ6.5inch H: 5.3inch
Recommended plant matching
·Parlor Palm
·Bird’s Nest Fern

Pots With Drainage Hole & Drip Pans & Drainage Net – The hold in the bottom allows the excess water to exit out of the soil when you’re watering the plant. The drainage plates are attached to the bottom of the pots and do not come off. Drainage Net is included, which is designed to prevent planting soil from falling off. (*Plant is NOT Included.) Set of 3 Modern Design Large flower pot: 6.6 inches D X 5.3 inches H. Medium plant pot: 5.5 inches D X 4.4 inches H. Small pots for succulents: 4.0 inches D X 3.5 inches H. The sizes are different which are suitable for different sizes of smaller plants such as spider plan, nerve plants, and succulent or artificial plants.

Contemporary Style These elegant and modern pots fit into any decor. Great for decorating windowsill, tabletop, shelf, bedroom, kitchen, garden, and outdoor patio. Classic ceramic planters for indoor plants with good becoming tray, easy and elegant wax modern design with different color endings. Modern Decor For Your Plant – Make a statement with your planters. Suitable for indoors and out, their wax finish surface makes a stunning partner to variegated foliage or blade-shaped leaves, and the shape provides a simple, modern and stable foundation.

Premium Material – These ceramic pots can tolerate extreme temperatures because they are high-temperature fired stoneware. These pots look sleek and sturdy. Designful packaging makes it a great choice for gift giving.

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Indoor Modern Decorative Plastic Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole and Tray for All House Plants

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