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5 Simple Steps to Installing Corrugated Roofing

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Corrugated roofing provides several benefits to a structure. Interested in DIY? Here are 5 simple steps to installing corrugated roofing.

The size of the metal roofing market is more than $3 billion a year.

A part of that market is metal corrugated roofing, which is made of sheet metal with ridges. This type of roof gives a property a durable structure. It can be energy efficient and give you a roof that lasts for many years.

If you’re interested in installing corrugated roofing, know that it’s not an easy project to DIY. However, we have some tips to help you find your way to successful roof installation.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. Put Safety First

You have to put your safety first when you’re installing a new roof. Be sure to have all of the tools you need for the job and put them in one place before you start to work.

You’ll need to have shoes with a good grip to maintain your footing as you work on the roof. You should also have a safety harness or mechanism to protect you from falling.

Finally, check the ladder to make sure that it’s properly secured to the edge of the roof.

  1. Know the Types of Corrugated Roofing

Do you know what type of corrugated roofing you plan to install? There are roofing systems that have different panel sizes and ridge heights.

You want to work with a specialist to pick the best type of material and size for your home.

  1. Take Exact Measurements

Corrugated roofing systems are much different than asphalt roofing because the roof is installed in sheets that overlap with each other. Asphalt roofing has panels that are much smaller. It’s much easier to make a measurement error and fix it with asphalt.

You need to measure the length of the roof, the width, and the slope of the roof. You’ll then add about 10% of that amount as a contingency.

  1. Repair Structural Damage

You need to remove your current roof before your roof installation. As you remove your old roof, be sure to check the underlying structure.

You may spot some rot or weakness that needs to be repaired. This should be taken care of right away. That can prevent a minor structural issue from becoming a major problem.

  1. Installing the Roof

Installing the roof started by installing the underlay or roofing felt first. You generally want to start by laying the corrugated roofing sheets from the bottom in a row and then work your way up.

You’ll install the other side of the roof. Once you get to the top of the roof, you can install the peak of the roof. You may decide to paint the roof afterward.

Installing Corrugated Roofing as Your Next DIY Project

Installing corrugated roofing does require advanced DIY skills. You need to be able to take exact measurements and be comfortable working high off the ground for a day or two.

It can be a challenging project, but with these tips, you should have a head start to get the job done right. Check out the home page of this site for more DIY inspiration.

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