5 Unique Ways to Use Colour in Home Interiors

5 Unique Ways to Use Colour in Home Interiors

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One of the simplest ways to give your house its unique personality and charm is to include pops of color throughout the interior design. If you don’t add some color or pattern to a room painted in neutral tones, your house will look lifeless and uninspiring.

5 Unique Ways to Use Colour in Home Interiors. Pronouned two color interior design

If you want to create a specific mood and environment in a room, it’s best to think about the color you’d like to use. There are five ways to incorporate the color of your choice into your house, whether it’s hot flaming red or a cool-toned duck egg blue.


A pleasant and unique assortment of pillows in various rooms is a subtle and interesting way of incorporating color into your home. With so many unusual and one-of-a-kind cushions available on the market for reasonable prices, creating your ideal style has never been easier.

Colorful pillows for interior decoration

Abstract and artistic designs have been increasingly popular this year, making them an excellent choice for injecting a bit of modern vibrancy into your space. When choosing a cushion or cloth, think of geometric designs and bright blocks of color. However, don’t be scared off by the eccentricity of this design, as adding a few pillows will not overpower the area but rather bring it to life.


Colorful curtains are sometimes ignored while designing a room. While cushions come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures, custom-made curtains are a great way to add personality to a room. Similarly,

Colorful drapes for monochromatic gray living room

The boldness or subtlety you choose to incorporate color into your curtains is entirely up to you. When the curtains are constructed of colorful and vibrant textiles, they can take center stage in any room, even on the periphery.

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The average tub of paint costs between £8 and £38, making it one of the most cost-effective methods to add color to your home. This simple yet effective addition will quickly brighten the area and give it its unique character, regardless of whether you paint the entire room one color or just one side of it.

5 Unique Ways to Use Colour in Home Interiors. Muddy brown wall paint and black hanging lamps for unusual noir styled bedroom

You may add some color by painting the cabinetry even in the kitchen. Throughout 2021, dark and subdued blues and forest greens are expected to be hot color combinations in interior design.


This year, plants were a tremendous hit with both millennials and Gen Z viewers, and they’re expected to be even more popular in 2020. If you like combining your indoor and outdoor living spaces, consider bringing some greenery into your house for a splash of color and a touch of fresh air.

5 Unique Ways to Use Colour in Home Interiors. Simple home design and brick wall texture in gray paint

The Swiss Cheese Plant, the Madagascar Dragon Tree, and the Money Tree are some of the most popular plants (also known as Guiana Chestnut). It’s no secret that these plants are hot right now, but they’re also easy to care for, making them a great addition to any home.


Finally, statement lighting fixtures are nothing new in home design trends. This year, though, more options have been available than ever before on the market.

Add a bold neon light to your wall for a contemporary and outlandish look. Tall brass or copper floor lamps are a great option if you want to add color but prefer a more industrial look. Instead, you can choose a bedside lamp in a complementary hue to your room’s bedding or another decor to add a dash of color without going overboard.

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Copper lampshades to add bloom to monochromatic interior

There is no need to be intimidated when it comes to adding color to your abode. These five ideas can help you completely change a room and give it a unique look without being too much.

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