An Oasis In Palm Springs Invites Indoor-outdoor Living


This desert oasis with mid-century roots was re-imagined by interior designer Martin Kobus, located in Rancho Mirage, a resort city in Palm Springs, California. The personal home of the designer, it allowed him complete creative freedom to explore unique and innovative ideas without being constricted by the requests of a client. Outdoor dining and recreation areas are at the heart of this residence. The result is a resort-style property that exudes elegance, ideally suited for both relaxation and entertaining. Clean lines, organic textures and natural light combine to create an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury, both inside and out. The designer wished to keep the feeling of the existing home, so when is was re-designed, the footprint was left the same, but only one wall was kept intact, the fireplace wall. Additional doors and windows were added into the new design to bring in the indoor-outdoor California lifestyle.

What We Love: The U-shaped plan of the home with large expanses of glass to bring in the views and light. The pool is the centerpiece of the design. Fantastic!

The centerpiece of the home, the loggia features doors that disappear into the wall during the day and close in the evening, acting like a breezeway. One side of the home is the bedroom zone and the other, the entertaining zone, separated by the loggia. On either side are swimming pools, which used to travel through the loggia, but due to modern building codes, they had to be separated. Janus et Cie outdoor furnishings decorate the space while a unique pattern from the light fixtures on the wall is created from baskets sourced from Anthropologie.

Limestone tiles sourced from Turkey are found on the decking outside and travel on into the interiors, keeping the indoor-outdoor connection.

The inspiration for the fire pit design is from the Aman Resort in Utah. Misters in the eaves keeps everything temperate outside when the desert heat is in full swing. Mature ficus trees line the property to not only allow for privacy, but to also give the property an estate-like feel.

Photos: Courtesy of Martin Kobus Home

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Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-21-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-21-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-21-1 Kindesign.

Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-22-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-22-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-22-1 Kindesign.

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Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-08-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-08-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-08-1 Kindesign.

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Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-04-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-04-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-04-1 Kindesign.

Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-02-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-02-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-02-1 Kindesign.

Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-03-1-KindesignRancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-03-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-03-1 Kindesign.

Rancho-Mirage-Martin-Kobus-Home-01-1-Kindesign-1Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-01-1 Kindesign | Rancho Mirage-Martin Kobus Home-01-1 Kindesign.

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