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Different Types of Patio Furniture Covers and How to Take Care of Them



Your home décor is an expression of your personality, lifestyle, and taste. Clean, well-maintained, and beautiful outdoors along with a stunning interior seem to add to the overall aesthetic ambiance of your home. Summertime means time for outdoor fun and you would like to keep your patio and the backyard spic and span and accessible at all times particularly when you have parties with friends and family. Cleaning your patio would also, involve keeping the furniture and their covers in top condition. The patio furniture covers get really dirty due to constant use and exposure to dust, falling leaves, and debris and other elements of weather. However, you could easily clean them up regularly.

Patio furniture covers could be scrupulously cleaned depending on the fabric or material of the specific covers. In this context, you must realize that patio furniture covers generally come in diverse materials. However, some of the most common and popular furniture cover materials include nylon, vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene.

General Cleaning Tips

Your furniture covers would be serving you best, provided you take good care of them, which implies cleaning them on a regular basis. Fortunately, the cleaning exercise is not that difficult. However, when the outdoor furniture covers are not in use, they should be cleaned, dried, nicely folded and kept in a cool dry place. When again you pull the covers out for reuse, you must ensure that all the seams are intact so that no water could seep through and damage your furniture.

Most covers for your indoor furniture and some covers for your outdoor furniture are regularly vacuum cleaned to keep them free from dust and dirt. However, vacuum cleaning the entire house’s furniture could prove to be time-consuming, laborious, and may lead to high energy bills. Moreover, as the vacuum cleaner debate gets heated up at, most modern vacuum cleaners are designed to be used just for about two years or so, like mobile phones. You are not able to repair them hence, you simply discard them. However, some older cleaners are smarter than today’s advanced cleaners and they use far lower wattage. Vacuum cleaners may prove to be expensive but they are integral to the overall cleaning and upkeep of your home. However, we understand that most fabric could become sparkling clean by using a mixture of water and a good quality detergent powder. Gently scrub the fabric and rinse thoroughly with water. You could either spread the wet furniture covers out or hang them outdoors for air drying. Always check the washing instructions and tags attached to the covers just to know if machine-cleaning is allowed. Often washers and dryers could be pulling seams apart resulting in leaks.

Types of Outdoor Furniture Covers & Their Cleaning

Vinyl Patio Furniture Covers:  Vinyl furniture covers have been there for ages now and they are cheap, have amazing tensile strength and are water-proof. You could wipe vinyl covers with water and soap but do not consider machine washing vinyl covers. Avoid saturating the vinyl covers with water. Instead consider using a pad, brush, or towel for cleaning these versatile vinyl patio furniture covers.

Nylon Outdoor Furniture Covers: These days nylon furniture covers are becoming quite rare because the material is pretty expensive. However, nylon is supposed to be one of the most robust synthetic textile materials and is known for its longevity. You are free to machine wash all your nylon covers but avoid washing these covers with other clothes in the washing machine. You could safely machine wash using non-chlorine bleach and cold water. You may use regular laundry detergent for best results.

Polypropylene Patio Furniture Covers: These are cheap and very weak and would last just for a single season due to just sun exposure. You could clean these covers gently using soap and water with a soft cloth or towel. Never use a brush as the covers are too weak and may disintegrate.

Polyester Patio Covers: Polyester has gained a lot of traction over the years and is in great demand for outdoor furniture covers. Polyester covers are water-resistant, tough, and far more rot-resistant as compared to cotton canvas or duck. They are highly popular because of their economy and durability. Some of the polyester covers come with an acrylic or PVC coating for improving water-resistance and UV resistance. If the polyester covers come with a coating, they cannot be machine washed. Wash them using a mild soap and water with a soft towel. However, polyester patio covers without a coating could be machine washed using a non-chlorine bleach and cold water.


We know that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Keep your home interiors and outdoors spic and span to add to your overall home décor appeal.

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