Fascinating Mid-century Modern Property In Silver Lake Hills


A cutting-edge property with mid-century influences, this renovation project was carried out by DEX Studio, nestled in the Silver Lakes hills area of Los Angeles, California. With expansive views over downtown Los Angeles and beyond to Catalina Island, this environmentally conscious home offers a nice indoor-outdoor connection. The renovation was completed in 2011, featuring open living spaces spread out over the main level with a bedroom, bathroom and a den. A treetop master bedroom suite inhabits the upper level with a spacious deck and outdoor shower. Custom designed elements includes steelwork, walnut cabinetry and a distinctive louvered screen on the exterior facade to help shield windows from the heat of the sun. A two-car garage offers a separate guest studio above it which plays host to a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Beautiful outdoor living spaces encompasses roughly 1,875 square feet, which includes a lush landscaping of succulents and native plantings.

What We Love: Along with the stunning, open interiors that seems to meld with the outdoor landscape, there are a lot of unique details that makes this home exquisite. The master bedroom suite is also an amazing space, feeling like a treehouse, the privacy that it offers is a wonderful space for anyone wanting a little tranquility at the end of a long day….and the outdoor shower is a big bonus! What are your thoughts on this property, are there any stand-out features for you?

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The studio above the garage is the perfect space to host guests, private and separate from the main house.

Photos: Courtesy of DEX Studio

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