Minimalism for Living Room

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design

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Minimalism is a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people notice that the abundance of objects around does not make them happy, but, on the contrary, causes difficulties in focusing on what is important. More often the question arises, how to equip the living room in a minimalist style? So, this article will be useful to many.


  1. What to begin with?
  2. Recommended colors
  3. Furniture
  4. Lighting
  5. Decoration
  6. Modern minimalism
  7. Fashionable design

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. White and black interior

Minimalism Style Living Room: Where to Start?

Minimalism is the transformation that people who choose to live in accordance with this spirit must go through. This is not a mandatory complete interior change, but it is necessary if there are hundreds of different and commonly unused things around you.

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. White pastel idyll for modern room with smooth lined furniture

The first step to following the spirit of minimalism is to get rid of the excess of objects that you have at home. This can be done once and for all, but usually few people are ready for such a radical decision. Rather, trash removal is done gradually, and one of the methods is a 30-day process in which you increase the amount of discarded items every day. The second method is a little different and involves packing everything as if you are moving and leaving only those things that you really need for a month. After a month, give the remaining items to the poor, sell, or throw away in order to start living in the spirit of minimalism. Thanks to this, you will cleanse yourself and begin to live in a minimalist living room, such as the one in the photo below.

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Modular furniture with cintrasting glossy black facades

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Unusual oriental style interpretation

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Unusual modern designed room with complex layout, LED lighting and built-in fireplace

Minimalist Living Rooms: Photos in Recommended Colors

Having set up the living room in a minimalist style, you will first begin to plan the colors that will prevail in it. White, black, and gray colors fit into minimalist interiors. But not only do these. You can also choose from pastel colors such as pink, aquamarine, brown, or beige. If the appearance of the living room seems too monotonous, you may prefer two-tone walls with stripes or an extremely fashionable black and white chessboard. Want to attract attention and disrupt natural colors? Stay tuned for a few compliments in colors such as intense red, juicy yellow, vibrant orange, or bright purple. However, you must remember not to overdo it with the number of colors. Choosing two or three basic colors and their shades are ideal.

<Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Flat TV and open shelves on the white wall

Marvelous modern design of the living room with black chatting zone and white walls

Great design with blue chair group and low lighting of the accent wall with modern inlays

What about the ceiling and floor? It’s best to paint the first one just white. As for the floor, you should choose a finish in a slightly shiny or dark matte tile. It should not have any patterns and decorations. If you want to add some warmth to this completely sterile interior, place panels or traditional boards instead of tiles.

If you look closely at the photos, you will probably notice that the minimalist living room is very economical in color. White, black, and gray are often the only colors that are present in the arrangement. However, this does not mean that when creating a minimalist living room, you should limit yourself only to these colors. You can easily get to other colors but on one condition – do not overdo it with their number, so as not to get an interior with the entire available color palette.

Black floor and furniture elements and white ceiling with walls

Color can be intense, so then the hall takes on a character. But it cannot dominate. Bright colors will look unobtrusively in accessories, such as pillows, rugs, or vases. There are also no obstacles for the chair to balance the color of the sofa. As a result, you can create a room in a minimalist style in a very attractive palette.

Boxed living room design with leather furniture and walllpaper on the walls

Minimalism Living Room Furniture

The minimalist living room has room for only a few basic furniture items, such as a simple sofa, armchairs, or a modernist coffee table. In addition to the fact that furniture should be kept to a minimum, models should also be chosen in natural colors and with simple, geometric shapes.

The minimalist interior is dominated by furniture made of wood or plastic. All equipment in such a living room should have smooth surfaces of the same color. What colors of furniture to choose? Strong colors such as black, green, or navy blue, white, or gray will work well. Tables, cabinets, chests of drawers, and wall blocks very often have metal elements with lacquered facades or countertops. A minimalist glass top table is also suitable.

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Classic touch and modern appliances for gold and beige colored room

Unusual contemporary designed living room in total wooden structure

Minimalism for Living Room: Laconic Practical Design. Simple yet effective interior decoration with contrasting

Minimalism Style in the Interior of the Living Room: Lighting

No living room can do without properly selected lighting, which not only fulfills its main function but is also an original element of interior design. Floor lamps with long brackets and LED ceiling plates are especially suitable for a modern living room.

If you prefer traditional ceiling lights, do not buy a chandelier. Instead, a solid-colored lamp may take its place. Can’t imagine a living room without a chandelier? Choose the one that of the simplest geometric shape. These can be rectangles or squares, as well as spheres or ovals. Industrial style lamps will also work well in a minimalist living room.

Neat modern minimalism with LED ceiling lighting and decorative open-flame fireplace

Dark floor and light top of the living room with large white sofa

Grayish toned walls for cozy combined living and dining room space

Minimalist Living Room in the House: Subtle Decorations

In the minimalist living room, “the less the better” rule works well. In this type of interior, one expressive detail should be highlighted and unnecessary decorations and equipment should be avoided. Therefore, you will not find figures, a vase, or other trinkets on the coffee table. You can refuse the tablecloth, but if you choose it, then only as a homogeneous canvas without any decor.

All things, such as a book or newspaper that you previously looked at, should be hidden. A coffee table with a drawer is perfect for this. Can’t imagine the interior of a living room without a picture on the wall? Abandon a portrait, still life, or landscape in favor of abstraction or composition of geometric shapes.

Gray accent wall and large space for the living room

Homey atmosphere in the living romo with fluffy gray rug and electric fireplace

Red furniture as an accent for modern styled living room

Minimalist Modern Living Rooms

The minimalist style in interior design was born from Art Nouveau, which introduced the simplification of the forms of furniture, limited details, and decorations. Minimalism went even further, abandoning all jewelry. The style is characterized by avoiding glamor and a large number of objects. A modern living room in a minimalist style without extra details will look extremely elegant. Simple, geometric forms of furniture, small additions or their absence, as well as limited colors, are also typical features of this style. It may seem that the interior design is expressionless, cold, and faceless, but this is the wrong way of thinking.

The living room in a minimalist style can easily be decorated by adding soft fabrics to the interior, a colorful accent that violates the muted color by using natural materials such as wood or stone.

Bright example of minimalism in the living room with black accent on the wall with sound system and TV
White accent wall with cladded artificial fireplace and low coffee table in front

Minimalist Fashionable Living Room Design

When arranged a living room in a minimalist style, you will love the atmosphere of harmony and peace. The undeniable advantage of a room in the style of minimalism will be the simplicity of maintaining order and cleanliness. This interior design is a great option for people who complain about the lack of time or simply do not like long cleaning. If you are afraid of too cool and sterile decor, you can introduce more accessories in warm, bright colors that will perfectly match the neutral background of the living room. However, do not forget to observe moderation so as not to destroy the harmonious simplicity of the interior. When arranging a room in a minimalist style, you should remember to always give preference to the quality of the selected furniture and accessories. Thanks to this, you will achieve an excellent effect and you can enjoy a stylish interior for many years.

Modern minimalist living room arrangement with contrasting black additions

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