Side profile of a toilet near a wooden screen in a modern bathroom.

Tips for Installing a Toilet in Your Home

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The toilet is a simple toilet gadget, but many can’t imagine living without it. Even a simple appliance like a toilet might be challenging to locate. We’ve compiled a list of toilet measurements, images, and vocabulary to get you started.

It’s surprising how little people talk about or debate toilets when they are such an essential piece of equipment. You may conclude that all there is to choosing a bathroom is whether or not it has fun and functional features like an integrated bidet or dual-flush capabilities after seeing just one. But keep the reins firmly in place. When choosing a throne for your throne room, there is much more to consider.

Before going to your local home improvement store or shopping online, the best thing you can do is mentally prepare yourself for the vast array of possibilities. If you’ve never used one before, you may not be familiar with all of the different toilets on the market.

Self-cleaning toilets with a particular part where you can put a powerful cleaning solution are now available. Flushing a modern bathroom will either give the porcelain a quick clean or a deep clean, depending on your preference.

Toilet measures come first before any of the aforementioned extra features and components. The toilet mustn’t be so large that guests’ legs touch the wall when they stand up or that you’re forced to give up your chosen side cabinets so you can fit it in. In addition, you don’t want your bathroom’s gadgets and furniture to appear absurd if your toilet is too small. Another consideration is height. Tiptoeing or crouching is the result of setting too high or too low.

So, how do you find the right toilet size? Even though every family is unique, we hope the following glance at alternative toilet measures will give you an idea of great setups as well as how to put those toilets together:

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