Top 15 Home Security Tips and Tricks

Top 15 Home Security Tips and Tricks

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 Did you know that there were 16,580 cases of burglary and related offenses in Ireland in 2019 as per the Ireland 2020 crime and safety report?

One of the most prized possessions of your life is your home, along with all your precious belongings that you have acquired over the years. It is your safe haven where you are at your relaxed best.  It is a place where you make memories and build dreams. And of late, owing to the constraints of the current environment, it is probably where you will be spending most of your time.

It goes without saying that your home is where you must feel safe and secure from the potential threats of the outside world. Therefore, understanding and activating a few best practices around home security is of utmost importance to foster a secure space for you and your loved ones.

When it comes to your home security, the first rule of thumb is ensuring you have the best home insurance. It is imperative that you have the coverage you need if, despite your precautionary measures, the worst-case scenario occurs. If you aren’t sure which type of insurance to choose then AA Insurance can help you with more details about various home insurance covers and also help homeowners to get claim without any hassle.

Once you have the basics out of the way, consider doing these 15 simple things at the earliest possible.

  1. Change the Locks

It is possible that this used to be somebody else’s residence. Therefore, change the door locks and make sure you know everyone who has the keys. This way you can rest assured that there won’t be strangers out there with a key to your place.

  1. Secure the Doors

If your house has a number of exterior doors, be sure to inspect all of them to ensure their frames are strong and sturdy. In addition to that, check the hinges to see that they are protected. In case there is a mail slot on the main door make sure nobody is able to reach through it to unlock the door.

Top 15 Home Security Tips and Tricks. Matte glass Entrance door

  1. Lock the Windows

Since windows are made of glass, they can be vulnerable. Beef up security at these potential entry points by installing locks, key-operated levers, glass break sensors, or window bars. And of course, it goes without saying, that you should not leave your windows open especially at night or when you are away from home.

Top 15 Home Security Tips and Tricks. Nice ethnic casual styled kitchen with bottom lighting

  1. Install Lights

Outdoor lighting can be the reason for your home not being targeted by burglars. For added security, you can install motion sensor lights so that uninvited visitors don’t get too close to your home. You can also consider using smart light bulbs to turn lights on and off remotely to make it seem like you are at home.

  1. Invest in a Quality Security System

These days there are plenty of home security system options for different budgets and different levels of protection. Evaluate the needs of your house and neighborhood and choose a system that you’re comfortable with. Once you have a security system, use it 100% of the time since burglars tend to not enter a home with a security system.

  1. Manage Visibility

Whenever somebody is at your front door, make sure you can see who is there without opening the door. A door peephole is the easiest solution.

  1. Keep Valuables out of Sight

Don’t give thieves the opportunity to window shop because something all it takes is a view of a shiny new home appliance to tempt them to break in. Try to rearrange your home to keep those valuables out of sight and close your curtains when you leave the house to keep them hidden.

  1. Get a Safe

In case somebody manages to get past all the home security measures, it is important to plan in advance and protect your valuables. A home safe is a place where you can deposit all your jewellery and important documents. The safe should be of the highest quality so that it is not only fire-resistant and waterproof but also heavy enough to be not picked up and taken away.

  1. Remove Hiding Places

Walk around your house and look for areas where thieves could potentially hide in. Clear away the overgrown areas or the spots which could provide them with unnecessary cover.

Top 15 Home Security Tips and Tricks. Great styled trimmed backyard

  1. Get to Know Your Neighbours

Familiarize yourself with those who live next door or across the street. This is underrated but could be extremely helpful. Whenever you are away, you can always ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home.

  1. Avoid Displaying Your Home on Social Media

Don’t advertise your belongings or high-value items. Be mindful that posting about your possessions could tip-off and tempt a burglar to break in. Further, if you post your vacation pictures while you are away, it could let burglars know that your home is unoccupied.

  1. Protect Outdoor Valuables

Burglars could also target outdoor setups like sheds and garages. If you have an outdoor space, secure your grill as well as outdoor gear like a lawnmower, bicycles, etc.

  1. Lockdown Your Wi-Fi

Thieves could be on the lookout for your personal information or financial records. They may look through your trash for documents or cyber thieves could target your Wi-Fi network to disable your home gadgets or security system. Secure your router and enable Wi-Fi Protected Access to avoid this.

  1. Set a Routine

Establish a routine where you regularly lock all doors, shut windows, and turn on your alarm system each time you leave your home. Avoid leaving spare keys outside, under a flower pot or under the doormat, as these are very common hiding places where thieves will look for them.

  1. Plan for when You are away

Any time you’re headed out on a holiday (even if it is just for a few days) take some simple steps so that your home looks lived in. For instance, avoid mail or newspapers piling up in your mailbox or on your porch. Arrange to have someone bring them in regularly.

Becoming a victim of home theft is something that can happen to anyone. However, being a vigilant homeowner and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood is the best way for you to keep your home safe.

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