An Office Made From Cardboard

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Nothing is an Amsterdam based branding company that is now grabbing some media attention due to the uniqueness of their office. What is so unique? Well, their office is pretty much made from nothing but cardboard. We thought we would give this a feature here and probably get some of those creative gears turning in your head!

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creative-office-1Creative Office | Creative Office.

cardboard-furniture-4Cardboard Table | Cardboard Table.

cardboard-furniture-5Cardboard Logo | Cardboard Logo.

cardboard-furniture-2Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

cardboard-furniture-3Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

creative-office-4Office Space | Office Space.

cardboard-furniture-1Cardboard Furniture | Cardboard Furniture.

creative-office-5Cardboard Computer Desk | Cardboard Computer Desk.

creative-office-2-1Creative Empty Office | Creative Empty Office.

creative-office-3Cardboard Creative Office | Cardboard Creative Office.

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