60+ Basements Transformed Into Spaces You May Never Want To Leave


If your basement is dark and dingy, used for storage of things since forgotten, don’t despair, you can transform it into a functional basement design your whole family will love. Any basement can be magically transformed from depressing into family-friendly havens, inviting guest suites, inspiring workspaces, home theaters, a playroom for the kids, a games room, a laundry room, fantasy man caves, etc., it’s up to you to decide the best way to make it useful. Basements can actually be quite cozy. Some of them had lots of square footage and the advantage of natural light to work with, while others were no more than damp holes in the ground underneath the house. It’s all about the layout and the furniture. Include warm and comfortable textures and avoid dark colors unless you are trying to add drama to the space, or it is the media room.

If you want to see what your basement space might have the potential for, these images will help give you amazing inspiration! If you are looking for more ideas for creating entertaining spaces for guests, have a look at 58 Exquisite home bar designs built for entertaining. For ideas on increasing your living space in your home, have a look at 60 Unbelievable under stairs storage space solutions.

In a clever design move, the slide is lined up with arcade machines with similar lines, as well as painted stripes on the walls and ceilings.

This beach style basement offers a cozy living space and hideaway bunk beds tucked behind sliding barns doors.

This multifunctional basement space serves as a mudroom, a seating area, an office and a laundry space. The built-in bench, desk and cabinetry keep things tidy and neat while preserving traffic flow.

Georgia media room in soft blues. Even a small basement can be put to good use. Fill it up with cozy furniture and soft colors, as in this room, and you have a dedicated movie-watching space. The wood wall adds a subtle architectural element.

Add a home office to your basement space, built-in under the stairs makes use of this otherwise dead space.

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Basement-Design-Ideas-71-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-71-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-71-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-72-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-72-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-72-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-67-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-67-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-67-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-68-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-68-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-68-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-69-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-69-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-69-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-70-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-70-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-70-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-64-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-64-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-64-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-65-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-65-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-65-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-66-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-66-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-66-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-60-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-60-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-60-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-61-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-61-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-61-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-62-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-62-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-62-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-63-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-63-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-63-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-56-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-56-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-56-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-57-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-57-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-57-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-58-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-58-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-58-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-59-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-59-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-59-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-52-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-52-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-52-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-53-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-53-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-53-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-54-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-54-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-54-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-55-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-55-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-55-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-48-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-48-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-48-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-49-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-49-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-49-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-50-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-50-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-50-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-51-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-51-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-51-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-44-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-44-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-44-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-45-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-45-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-45-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-46-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-46-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-46-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-47-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-47-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-47-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-40-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-40-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-40-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-41-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-41-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-41-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-42-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-42-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-42-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-43-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-43-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-43-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-37-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-37-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-37-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-38-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-38-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-38-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-39-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-39-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-39-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-33-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-33-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-33-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-34-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-34-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-34-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-35-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-35-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-35-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-36-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-36-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-36-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-29-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-29-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-29-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-30-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-30-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-30-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-31-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-31-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-31-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-32-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-32-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-32-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-26-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-26-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-26-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-27-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-27-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-27-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-28-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-28-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-28-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-22-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-22-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-22-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-23-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-23-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-23-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-24-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-24-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-24-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-25-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-25-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-25-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-18-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-18-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-18-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-19-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-19-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-19-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-20-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-20-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-20-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-21-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-21-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-21-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-14-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-14-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-14-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-15-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-15-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-15-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-16-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-16-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-16-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-17-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-17-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-17-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-10-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-10-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-10-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-11-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-11-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-11-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-12-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-12-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-12-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-13-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-13-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-13-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-07-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-07-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-07-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-08-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-08-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-08-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-09-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-09-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-09-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-03-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-03-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-03-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-04-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-04-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-04-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-05-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-05-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-05-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-06-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-06-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-06-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-01-1-Kindesign-1Basement Design Ideas-01-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-01-1 Kindesign.

Basement-Design-Ideas-02-1-KindesignBasement Design Ideas-02-1 Kindesign | Basement Design Ideas-02-1 Kindesign.

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