Breathtaking Modern Barn-style Home In Bridgehampton, New York


We have been busy stalking some more real estate where we stumbled upon this spectacular Bridgehampton, New York modern barn-style home that we are excited to share with you. This home combines rustic architecture with cutting-edge technology. From the outside, rustic plank siding frames expansive windows of this elegant facade. From a grand front entryway, you are welcomed into an expansive space, encompassing 12,000 square feet. The interiors are characterized by clean lines and walls of glass that draws natural light in and creates airy living specs that flows into the landscape. Beautifully designed interior spaces begins with the drama of the great room, with a huge vaulted ceiling.

Sliding glass doors leads out to a slate patio with a superb unite swimming pool and spa with a pool house. A sleekly designed gourmet kitchen boasts the finest of appliances, breakfast bar and a built-in banquette. As you pass through a comfortably designed sitting room and home office, you will notice again a large wall of windows that slides open to reveal a lushly manicured lawn. Allow the warm sea air and stunning exterior to become a part of your life! This home offers an uncompromising contemporary lifestyle in one of the worlds most renowned locations.

Spotted for sale on Sotheby’s, this spectacular piece of real estate is listed at $13,250,000.

A floating nautical style staircase presents oak treads and steel and wire railings topped with a wooden handrail that leads to both the upper and lower levels. There are eight bedrooms in this home, all with en-suite bathrooms. This includes a luxurious master bedroom suite, offering its own sitting room, spa bathroom and private deck with lovely water views. Lower level completes the amazing experience this home has to offer, complete with a modern home theater, billiard room, wine cellar and a glass-walled fitness studio, drawing nature indoors. There is also a two bedroom guest suite for overnight visitors to come and enjoy the beach lifestyle with you!

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What We Love: Expansive walls of glass that allows natural light to flow through  the interior spaces makes this gorgeous home very livable. This would make a wonderful summer retreat to bring friends and family together; enjoy the entertainment spaces of the billiards room and home theater, take a trip over to the beach, take a dip in the pool or just relax in your beautiful home… we can all dream, right? What are your thoughts, would this be your dream home for a summer retreat?

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