Epic Architectural Masterpiece Overlooking The Hollywood Hills


This posh piece of California real estate last sold at $22 million, an architectural masterpiece by McClean Design, positioned high in the Hollywood Hills, in the famous Bird Streets. The home was designed on a triangular mountain site that was extremely challenging to build on, but showcased epic views. The clients wanted a five bedroom, seven bathroom home with 8,000 square feet of living space, so the challenge was to create this space all the while maximizing the views. To begin with, the hillside had to be cut back with retaining walls to pour a concrete foundation with which to build upon. The architects designed a unique double curving wall that contours the mountainside. Elements of stone, glass, steel and water were introduced to this architectural masterpiece, which is apparent upon arrival into the home.

The front entry features a water wall on one side and breathtaking views that can be seen straight through the home. Another dilemma the architect ran into was “the need for light in the lower level led to a basement courtyard design and an opportunity for the water to spill to a basin below traversed by bridges on both levels.” The water helps to reflect light from all sides into the basement rooms below.

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What We Love: The masterful way the architects integrated water and light throughout the home, making these elements integral to the design. Spectacular water features are showcased on the upper and lower levels, where filtered light from above helps to illuminate the basement level entertaining areas. All in all, this is one gorgeous architectural masterpiece… would you agree?

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A luxurious all-white kitchen is bathed in natural light from above, through wall to wall skylights as well as from the entryway and water feature.

Walls of glass disappear in the living room as it seamlessly connects with an outdoor patio, offering an extensive infinity edge pool that is 130-feet long.

The dining room is framed by the water wall outside and a dazzling climate-controlled wine storage display… perfect for entertaining!

A compact master bedroom has walls of glass that opens completely to the swimming pool and fabulous views of the Hollywood Hills. Below, the master bathroom offers more privacy, enjoying a tranquil outdoor garden that comes complete with a fireplace and spacious patio.

The lower level was designed as an ultimate entertaining space, complete with a full bar, gaming lounge, media room and an impressive gym.

Photos: Jim Bartsch

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