Historic Vineyard Estate In Beautiful California Wine Country


We scoured through one of our favorite real estate sites, Sotheby’s to bring you this wonderful historic vineyard estate home, with fabulous views out towards the Mayacamas Mountains in Saint Helena, California. Everything about this country property exudes luxury and character and the extensive vineyard just adds to the charm. The real estate websites states that this historical property was “created from Captain Thomas Amesbury’s 1886 pre-prohibition stone winery”. This 7,100 square foot stone residence is very stately yet warm and welcoming, with elegant living spaces that spills out to extensive outdoor entertaining areas with manicured landscaping, an enticing azure pool, tennis court and fabulous formal gardens that were designed by landscape architect Walter Guthrie. The property also showcases approximately 7.2 acres of Merlot vineyards as well as an olive grove, which produces a fantastic estate olive oil!

Sotheby’s has the listing for this fabulous French style vineyard estate home, listed at $15,000,000.

There are a total of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms with two half bathrooms. The bedrooms are located on the luminous second level, including a luxurious master bedroom suite. The compound also includes a guest house to accommodate overnight visitors or for housekeeping staff. There are two bedrooms inside the guest home, both with en-suite bathrooms, there is also a kitchenette, a pool house that includes an expansive game room, a lovely caretaker’s house and carriage style garage.

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What We Love: Exuding a charming French style atmosphere, this beautiful vineyard estate home offers a family everything they could possibly need on one property. Having a vineyard on your property is not too shabby, but having an olive grove that produces delicious olive oil is one fantastic perk… especially if you love to cook! One Kindesign readers, what do you think, would this be your idea of a dream home? What or why not, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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