Nightfox’s Villa In Ocean’s Twelve

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I recently got to see Ocean’s Twelve again and this time I seriously decided to pursue an aspect of the movie that intrigued me so much the first time I saw it. Remember the Francois Toulour’s (aka Nightfox, the ace french thief) stunning residence they show somewhere in the middle of the movie? I have always wanted to know the whereabouts of the place but it is only this encore of the movie that actually gave me the motivation to find it.

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house-in-oceans-12House-in-oceans-12 | House-in-oceans-12.

oceans-12-house-interiorsOceans-12-house-interiors | Oceans-12-house-interiors.

oceans-12-house-photoOceans-12-house-photo | Oceans-12-house-photo.

oceans-12-locationOceans-12-location | Oceans-12-location.

oceans-12-designOceans-12-design | Oceans-12-design.

villa-erba-italyVilla-erba-italy | Villa-erba-italy.

oceans-12-homeOceans-12-home | Oceans-12-home.

oceans-twelve-villa-erbaOceans-twelve-villa-erba | Oceans-twelve-villa-erba.

villa-antica-italyVilla Antica Italy | Villa Antica Italy.

oceans-twelve-house-1Oceans Twelve House | Oceans Twelve House.

nightfox-houseNightfox’s House | Nightfox’s House.

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