Penthouse Apartment Redevelopment – With A Slide!


On the top floor of a building that was erected in 1917, in Ukraine, a 212 square metre two level apartment has undergone a complete redevelopment. The interior overhaul involved the relocation of the staircase, in order to reconfigure an underused upper floor. Also, to increase the fun factor of the family home, a large metal slide was installed during the relinking of the first and second floors. This unusual design feature, which was painstakingly tailored to the interior structure by Ki Design, fits with other characterful elements of the unique design scheme. In comparison, the home palette is mild mannered in warm white, soft grey, graphite, and oak, with few intermittent spikes of aqua blue.

Gallery for Penthouse Apartment Redevelopment – With A Slide!

blue-accent-chair-1The interior slide delivers family members to a set of custom built window seats that span two thirds of the living room wall. | 3 |.


house-with-slide-1The homeowners conveyed their wishes to the design team: “We have enough activities and problems away from home, at home we rest. However, the apartment design shouldn’t absolutely be dull or boring in a year or so, it must contain some special catchy and ‘wow’ elements we’d admire for couple of months and then we’d hear “wows” from our guests. At the same time it should be calm and sweet inside.” | 1 |.

living-room-with-slideThe slide arrangement proved to be a challenge for both the designers and the team of builders. Since the ceiling between the floors was load-bearing, there was a threat to the integrity of the entire building structure should there be removal of even a small part of it. The redevelopment team found themselves tightly limited for places that would accommodate this element. Long-term experiments were conducted, including the creation of full sized mockups. Finally, the optimal form and location for the fun feature slide was accomplished, and the chief wow factor element in the home was achieved. | 2 |.

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