Sleek Modern Dwelling Overlooking Biscayne Bay, Florida


Nestled on the edge of Biscayne Bay in South Florida is this long, slender house designed by Strang Architecture that maximizes its skinny waterfront location. The architects imagined a two-story residence that would embrace its natural setting, turning the footprint into a celebration of its surroundings. The front entryway to the home beckons you inside, having to cross over a series of low coral stone steps into a double story louvered doorway comprised of ipe wood. A louvered window above is part of the guest bedroom, which from the street appears as part of the doorway, set nicely against the white stucco facade.

Traveling through the foyer, you enter into the home’s living room, which demonstrates a clear connection between the indoors and out. Facing out towards an enclosed courtyard, this room features pocket glass doors topped with clerestory windows, opening the entire space to the outdoors. The dining room protrudes out from this space, simulating a floating pavilion, with glass sliding doors on opposing sides. When the doors are open, cool ocean breezes naturally ventilate the space and provides the homeowner with fabulous views over the sixty-foot lap pool and beyond to Biscayne Bay.

On the opposite side of the home, past a centrally located staircase and elevator hall are the informal areas of the dwelling. A glass wall helps to connect an open plan kitchen and family room to the swimming pool and an outdoor dining room, which is shaded by a cantilevered master bedroom suite. A void is left in this cantilevered space to enable sunlight to cascade through over the pool. A glass-railed balcony over the terrace space adjacent to the pool allows the homeowners the opportunity to have either full sun or shade on both the upper balcony and terrace below. The finished result is timelessness with a deep connection to place that makes this architects work perfectly suited to its locale.

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What We Love: How the pool becomes the central feature and integral to the overall design as it delves deep into the heart of this modern pad. The presence of an interior courtyard helps to draw natural light and air through the living spaces, creating a wonderful atmosphere of relaxed living. This is one sumptuous modern pad that we would love to call home, how about you?

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Upstairs, a home office is positioned above the dining room, with windows on both sides to allow for cross-ventilation. Additionally on this level there are four bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. Everywhere you turn, the interiors area connected to the verdant courtyards and beautiful swimming pool or the heavenly Bay. Deep roof overhangs protects the home from the elements and frequent downpours.

Photos: Robin Hill / Max Strang Architecture

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