Stunning Beach House By Pete Bossley


The Okitu House designed by Pete Bossley is resides in a location that people dream about. This beach beauty is located on a ridge above the east coast with spectacular views from Poverty Bay right round to Tatapouri Point in New Zealand.

Gallery for Stunning Beach House By Pete Bossley

beach-house-design-10Beach House Design | Beach House Design.

beach-house-interior-6Beach House Interior 6 | Beach House Interior 6.

beach-house-11Beach House | Beach House.

beach-house-balcony-9Beach House Balcony | Beach House Balcony.

okitu-house-4Okitu House | Okitu House.

beautiful-beach-house-5Beautiful Beach House 5 | Beautiful Beach House 5.

beach-house-1Beach House | Beach House.

beach-house-2Beach House 2 | Beach House 2.

beach-house-view-8Beach House View 8 | Beach House View 8.

okitu-house-3Okitu House | Okitu House.

beach-house-view-7-1Beach House View 7 | Beach House View 7.

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