Kids Room Designs – Set 8

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We came across an outstanding designer from Barcelona who visualizes and creates high quality, photorealistic renders of kids rooms. His name is Sergi and here is his blog. You will find tons of inspiration here, not to mention the occassional paper sketch like this one…

Gallery for Kids Room Designs – Set 8

kids-room-design1Kids Playroom | Kids Playroom.

kids-room-5Green Kids Room | Green Kids Room.

kids-room-4Yellow Kids Room | Yellow Kids Room.

kids-room-3Violet Kids Room | Violet Kids Room.

kids-roomWhite Room Kids | White Room Kids.

kids-room-1Green Kids Room | Green Kids Room.

kids-room-2Kids Room Yellow | Kids Room Yellow.

childrens-room-6Kids Study Room | Kids Study Room.

childrens-room-7Kids Bedroom | Kids Bedroom.

childrens-room-4Red Kids Room | Red Kids Room.

childrens-room-5Kids Room Red | Kids Room Red.

childrens-room-1Childrens Room | Childrens Room.

childrens-room-2Green Kids Room | Green Kids Room.

childrens-room-3Childrens-room-blue | Childrens-room-blue.

kids-room-design3Kids Room Violet | Kids Room Violet.

kitchen-sketch-1Kitchen Sketch | Kitchen Sketch.

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